April 2nd, 2017


Five Days In

And we're threatening war with Spain over Gibraltar. Spain hasn't said much, it's just that the EU has given them veto powers on the matter...("After the UK leaves the union, no agreement between the EU and the UK may apply to the territory of Gibraltar without agreement between Spain and the UK.") Well of course those fecking far right idiots now driving the Tory party and the Government are suddenly all foaming at the mouth at the chance of a war, any way to recover that sense of being the biggest dick in the world.

Gib should have been mentioned in the article 50 letter, because we do not get to impose our assumptions on the world. It looks like neglect because it was neglect. In our very first negotiation, we forgot to mention Gibraltar. No-one knows what will happen to Gib, whether it will have a hard border with Spain, what tariffs or taxes may rise or whatever, but of course the club was going to stand by the club member. Probably very good for Scotland's chances of independently joining the EU without being vetoed. Meanwhile,tick-tock tick-tock goes the two year clock.

These people are idiots. Dangerous idiots. War? Gunboats in the water? Is that really all we have?
If I was Argentina, I'd be facing a huge temptation to wait til Blighty pours all its efforts into Mediterranean buffoonery, and nab the Falklands. Then we have Britain sending its warships all over the seas, haemorraghing money and probably lives too, weakening the nation in all other aspects of global trade and negotiation, even assuming the EU itself doesn't get involved, that Scotland stays within the UK and Northern Ireland decides to suffer alongside all this. For Fucks Sake.

I saw some nasty bastard's tweet depicting a nuclear strike on Spain, and I felt physically sick. Shame on anyone for giving these people ascendancy and confidence in their hideous racism. In Croydon, a gang set on a poor guy who told them he was an asylum seeker. He's fighting for his life. The good news is that 6 people have been arrested, that there is still decency and outrage. God alone knows what will happen if these fascist lunatics get the war they crave. I fear for my relatives working here. Of course war will not happen - I say 'Of course,' - But there are circumstances where Larians and I would have to discuss me going to be with Mum.

And all,all of this predicated on an internal party dispute, because the tories decided to barter with their hard right rather than keeping them in check, and now the tail wags the dog. Thomas Jefferson said "Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government ... An informed citizenry is at the heart of a dynamic democracy.'" But our citizenry have not been well informed. We have been lied to, humoured in ignorance, encouraged in scapegoating... and this is the shameful result.