April 5th, 2017



Well, the new LJ agreement had me flapping for a bit. I've signed it because it says that the new agreement doesn't apply to paid accounts, so there you go...Besides, I can't imagine anything I write would be of interest to Russian interests,any more than they are to GCHQ or Facebook data miners. After all this business about Cambridge Analytica, it seems clear that people are being targetted to enhance their preferences and focus stuff at them to manipulate their vote, so mindfullness must apply.

Of Russian dissidents and activity, I know very little, but the issue of Trump's involvement with Russian interests remains fascinating. I seriously do not understand this attempt at kerfuffle about Susan Rice. If, through incidental data collection, it transpires that a masked person, probably of national influence, is colluding consciously and meaningfully with an enemy power, wouldn't it be appropriate to be certain?  Of course,the issue is that such information can be easily abused, but isn't the point that it isn't being abused at all,that it is being correctly used? Or have I missed something?

Meanwhile, in a smaller country: https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&q=%23Gibraltar&src=typd

Bloody boring Gibraltar! It's a town for betting companies and it has low taxes and some monkeys. There now, well worth a war. There is much tooting and hooting about a royal navy ship chasing a stray gunboat out of Gibraltar's waters. Who is paying for its deployment? If Gibraltar is proudly British, let's have it pay British taxes like everyone else, see how loyal they are then.

Even May cannot be so terrified of the loons in her party as to actually have a war over something so daft, despite that undead bugger Howard flattering her with comparisons to Thatcher, as if Mags was so laudable an example.

Anyway, masseur coming; real issues with my back muscles, sleeping very badly. I have had the same dream for three nights but can only recall the setting; a massive party with lots of people and plenty of talking.