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Dream diary

I have not forgotten what today is.

But this is not my entry of thanks to those who fell in our wars; I will post that later. I have recently had a series of very vivid dreams and this morning's was the most intense, so I post it here for my reference, though I do not expect it to interest anyone else.

I dreamt I was in a house with my mother, and a bear attacked the front door. I take bears seriously in dreams - the last time I dreamt of a bear fight, the bear was attacked by a wolf pack, and it heralded an absurd and horible parallel in real life - this one took out the front door, big claws on either side, one in from the hinge. one just in from the latch. The door was wooden.

I called out to my mother, who faffed, but I somehow held the door closed for a couple of seconds. Then the bear broke through and I backed up, facing it. It followed me into a room full of filing cabinets and computers on tables. I called out to my mother for honey, and at last the honey came: more like golden syrup actually, in the old green Tate & Lyles tin with the round lid off. I held the lid in one hand, the pot in the other, and the bear ate the honey. Next thing I recall, the bear was a man. He was sitting in one of our chairs looking a bit like the guy who plays Big in Sex and the City, but more grizzled natch. I saw some kind of necklace or something, and I know I gave him a kiss.

Then there was some muddled stuff about pagan friends, and magical work to Make Things Right, or Put Things Back The Way They Were - very benign, if apparently useless. We didn't actually do anything. We sat back and waited, almost napping. The clouds coalesced into the shape of a man I thought, but it was tenuous, and then the energy just seemed to pop and disappear, and everything went white and clouded. Nothing had changed.

We turned to look behind us, and a kind of tingly music started, just a few notes repeating over and over. I had this in my last bear dream too, but those notes had been a ghastly dirge at least as scary as the nightmare itself.

This was the kind of theme tune you get at the start of a children's adventure when something magical is going to happen. I saw a row of old houses in snow, and around them hedges and woods. One house had a faun's face carved on the wooden gate. A white tiger cub sat playing, watching me with blue eyes. In fact, there were animals playing everywhere, and I had the strangest sense I was in Narnia, of all places. Despite the snow it felt like Spring. The notes were still repeating in my head when I woke.

So there it is. If I suddenly disappear, or get eaten by bears, don't worry - happens to us all one day. Please look after my love and my kitties, and don't let the fish starve. You'll know where I am.


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Nov. 11th, 2009 08:40 am (UTC)
Hiding in a wardrobe?
Nov. 11th, 2009 09:18 am (UTC)
That's where I am now.
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