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This years Valentine

Time to record a lovely day. It's been a bit stressfull in Bootland, for reasons which have disappeared with a happy sound - but these reasons fall to another to explain. Suffice it to say, there have been problems and solutions. A lot of solutions turned up yesterday, when larians and I spent the day bimbling around London, his blackberry constantly bringing us good news.

We had already determined not to get presents but to spend Valentines day together, starting with lunch at Tokyo Diner, taking in a showing of the True Grit remake (not bad; heavier than the original but a nice strong contrast) and a whirl on the London Eye.

This latter was accompanied by two chocolates in a bag, one rose and a couple of glasses of champagne. We booked it for 5 pm to see the sunset fall over the city's landmarks. Blue trees on the South Bank, old boats roped together on the river, seagulls flying beneath us, as much a part of London as the celebrity architecture lighting up all around...I wonder if there can be one word to describe this city. Impressive, distinctive, original, mighty, often absurd, always playing between past and future. Home? Don't know, but it will do for now. London town, you will do better than many places.

And then on to Champor Champor. I was introduced to this place by the wonderful bytepilot (Thank you glorious one!) and have wanted to go back ever since. Unfortunately it is a)very popular and b) hard to find,or at least, hard for me to find. It's hidden away among the little streets close to Southwark Cathedral, London Bridge, Guys Hospital and Borough Market, and the whole discovery is made more challenging by its external resemblance to a cab office. Admittedly, it is now pink with its name over the door, but the letters are barely legible...I had completely forgotten that recommendations of culinary excellence cover the front window. Plus, it has two doors. Diners are meant to go through the one with a little indonesian figure on it. I was confused for a while. Possibly a little champagne might have added to my puzzlement, but I have decided to blame the dark instead.

Champor Champor is ever so sensual. Red walls, malay/indonesian carvings and paintings, rose and rhubarb centrepieces, candles and carvings everywhere, and a very soft incense scent really wakes your inner Tom Jones*.

The food is incredible, if not for those who need reassurance cookery. If you know what you like and you like what you know, CC ain't for you. It's fusion cookery, meaning Your Guess is as Good as Mine. We started with a cocktail of champagne and pomegranate seeds (christened 'The Lava Lamp Cocktail' by larians) with what I thought was a long straw in it. Turned out to be lemongrass. I've decided I like pomegranate seeds in my champers as much as I like strawberries. Then followed a bewildering array of courses with very unusual combinations, beautifully cooked, delicate and lovely. The courses looked small. It's nearly 10 am the morning after. I am still stuffed to the gunnels with exquisite food.

Such a perfect day larians. I'm glad I spent it with you xxxx

*Both of them


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Feb. 15th, 2011 09:56 pm (UTC)
Aaaaw. Lovely!
Feb. 17th, 2011 11:29 am (UTC)
Anytime darling girl, any time.

There is one word I've used to describe London as an experience to the foreign traveller.

"Gritty", both in sense of tark definite realism, and in the sense of covered in grit. Which the city always seems to leave in a fine layer over everything that passes through it, including the air.

Also (mwah) because you remain utterly lovely.
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