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Fairy Tales

I watched the Royal Wedding. Charming...a bit ordinary really. Despite the desperate attempts to work the country up into an 80s parallel fever, despite the bride and groom being much prettier than Charles and Di ever were, it was simply not magic. Charisma was missing. Pretty dress for a pretty woman, a young man losing his bloom and his hair, the colour was in the horses and guards and carriages afterwards. Even trees in the cathedral didn't make the service sparkle. Still the parade was wonderful and I choked up, as I always do, at the sound of church bells and the flyover, especially the gorgeous old Lancaster Bomber buzzing through the skies, stirring and sweet.

I could not care less about the royal family, indeed if I had a daughter thinking of marrying one of the boys I would warn her about their background; Rich people but not nice people, nor even good people. If money could make her happy they might do, otherwise she would be wise to think again.

I recall coming to England after spending my early years in Singapore; the extraordinary deference I found all around me regardng the Royal Family was very puzzling. The Royals were nothing extraordinary. They were very dull looking, they had no talents, they did nothing at all, they didn't even write their own speeches, yet the grovel and fawn factor was huge and embarrassing to an outsider; Mediocrity on a pedestal, unquestioned and unquestionable. Worshipped.

People have tried to explain it to me, that sense of a mascot, of continuance, and yesterday, when I saw the register in the shrine of Edward the Confessor I almost felt it. Still, the royals are nothing special. The Lancaster bomber, that's history, the bells of London, that's heartwarming. Eugenia and Beatrice's outfits, that's comedy. The Royals themselves? That's a very British brand of hype.

It was very peculiar to hear the couples' vows; Charles had a lot to do with the creation of this service, apparently; long ago his vows to Diana were similar. Did he have his fingers crossed behind his back when he said them? An oathbreaker. They say he's religious...but he lied before his family, his nation and in the eyes of his god. Now, if I was a farmer I would listen and defer to him in terms of animal husbandry, the land and all that. I guess he is allowed to be ordinary as long as I am not paying for it and as long as I am not expected to kowtow.

IMHO if we are to have kings at all, let them be kingly or let's do without. I respect the views of others who do not agree, but I do not understand them.


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Apr. 30th, 2011 09:47 pm (UTC)
If I had a daughter thinking of marrying one of the boys...

... I think I'd warn her she was volunteering for house arrest with her in laws, giving up her right to a real job and her reproductive freedoms. And then I think I'd steal all her shoes until she saw sense. I do hope the poor lass really does love him.
May. 3rd, 2011 03:43 pm (UTC)
I dunno, my suspicion is that life's easier if they love you more than you love them, and being a bit tough about it is necessary. I was heartened by the sight of Tyndale and Zara, looking right beauty and the beast together!
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