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A New Season

Imbolc went well: I always find something very fresh and sweet about the first glimmers of a new moon; it led to the Hope at Carshalton, complete with pub cat, copious amounts of mead, and snuff that I can never quite aim up my nose - I just end up a grimy-nostrilled pixie sneezing musty brown across the room.

It was a genial shambles, an interfaith celebration of Imbolc and Candlemass , Bride and St Brigid. The local wiccans/druids/hedgewitches loved it, but so did the bell ringers after-practice group; everyone was happy.

Today I went to the dentist for a check up. Over the past three years they had to remove three old teeth, rocky hags chomping mightily at the back of my mouth. They were afraid that the rest of my jaw could be destabilised. Those who know me might suggest a destabilised jaw as the rationale behind my entire life.

I recall going to this dentist after the event, and after I had been 'let go of,' from my place of work because of PTSD. The dentist was adamant that I should visit more often, but I told him I couldn't make monthly - or even six monthly - appointments because I didn't have the money. Now it turned out to be nowhere near as bad as that, but at the time I was all over the place, uncomprehending and in a state of shock.I went to pay for the visit only to find that they weren't charging me anything.

Took me a while to work out that the dentist had given me a freebie.

I remembered this today, because it was the same dentist. I offered to pay the balance but he shook his head and laughed.

'Good to see you with nice stable teeth,' he said. 'Now for goodness sake, keep them that way. And come back if you need anything.'

I could have cried. There's a lot of kindness around, and beauty too. It won't do me any harm to remember that.



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