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Windtop Wood

There is a small wood pretty much opposite us. It's so insignificant it doesn't have a name, so I call it Windtop Wood, because of the way the wild cherry trees sway. One could lose oneself in it for a while but not very long. A little child on the other hand, could get very confused by it.

Some charity wants to make it an outdoor teaching centre, because nothing can be left alone for long, there is always some worthy use that can be made of it. And after all, that's a good thing...at least it's not some property developer itching for another buck. Anyway, it is close enough to possibly fascinate Ralik the cat, so I decided to go have a look.

It's fenced and walled all round as far as I can see. There are no signs warning of trespass but neither is there access. So I stood on a wheelie bin and climbed up over the wall, holding onto a metal pipe-thingy* sticking out the top, catching my shirt on rusty barbed whire and landing on piles of dead wood. 30 years at least since I did this kind of thing - I'm a born scrumper yet!

A red-collared cat stared at me and ran away, while I scrambled under masses of old holly. The wood was quiet. I called out for Ralik and waited a while. Everything was quiet.

it occurred to me that even this little place could be magical - and dangerous - in the dark. The old cherry trees moved in their dancing friendly way, but all else was motionless, the wood watching me and wondering. I stood in one place and called for a while, waiting for him.

He didn't come, and I left when a blackbird flew out of a bush in the direction of home. Police sirens and ambulances could be heard on the road; for a moment it seemed that a neighbour might have seen me climb and reported it, but nothing happened.

Getting back over was easier than getting up; I jumped, missed the wheelie bin, and landed in a crouch, feeling like a ninja. Came home and there were flowers waiting for me, bright and beautiful, from my lover.

Come home little cat. I know it's a gorgeous early Spring and adventures are fun, but come home and make my day.

* OK, I haven't a clue what it was!



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