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Mistakes and Jack

Yesterday I got a phone call from my man. He had a sheepish confession to make; the flowers and chocolates weren't from him! I ripped apart the delivery box and found the message; it was from two dear friends, very concerned about me. The choccies were yesterday's brunch. Russ comes home today, and everything is a mess.

I have been looking for Ralik, but not very far...Dervish insists on following me, until I go beyond her comfort zone. Twice I have run towards the sounds of unknown cats howling and twice it's been her, distressed at me going too far down the street.

The weather is beautiful still. I hope Ralik is OK.

Me, I am not doing so well. The doctors were clearly right about stress...my skin is itching in pre-eczema warning mode. Greenwich Borough have been crap; I phoned them 4 times to find out if a cat had been swept up off the street, they had no clue. Transpires they send all those details to Battersea Dogs Home, where I phoned, left a message and have had no answer. Once upon a time, you just spoke to the Refuse Collection Department and they told you. Now new services are streamlined (i.e. fewer) and more efficient (i.e actually less efficient but cheaper).

I started writing this when Russ phoned, at the same time as a little boy appeared at the bottom of the steps to the house. He was trying to stroke Dervish. Little boy is called Jack. He seems strangely by himself on a sunday...he wanted to talk, and somehow inveigled himself into the house. He's from Number 62, the family with a bad reputation. I am afraid he was casing the place, especially as he wanted to see the whole house. But he is very sweet, with an excellent imagination. He wants to come back on Saturday and play on the Xbox. I told him I don't play, but he wants to teach me. I had to pretty much frogmarch him out of the house, because he wants to stay, and offered to help tidy up(!) I don't know what to make of him. We got on very well, but the family are considered thieves. God knows what we are doing next Saturday.



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