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A little sad...

Today it's time to make 'Missing cat' posters, and phone vets etc.

I toldlarians about Jack, and he emphasised how 'special' I have been. Jack could go back and tell his dodgy parents about our flat screen TV, our dvds, our back door, our garage, all sorts of things. And if he got hurt in the house, or just plain made something up, we could find ourselves with all sorts of difficulties.

Long and short of it is that he shouldn't come in. It isn't even a case of his parents saying it's OK...they might want to come into the house to check it's safe, and tbh, we don't want any relationship with the local tea-leaves. But that isn't the vibe he gives me. Yes, he wanted to see the whole house, which sets alarm bells off, and yes, he touched everything he could. He picked up a double quartz crystal and asked me what it was; I told him it was ordinary quartz, but I liked to think of it as a wand that could set off two spells at once. He waved it around at me saying: 'Bzzzt! I make you disappear, and then Bzzt! I make you appear again!' He asked me if he could open a little fairy box, and I said 'Sure.' Inside lay a little dolphin badge. I told him that if he wanted, he could put it against the sea in Bruce's picture. He tried and said, 'The sea is too high up. He'll be beached on the sand. Can I put him here instead?' He put the dolphin on a bit of the mantelpiece. I have a beret with gold stars on it; he tried it on and I showed him himself in a mirror. He couldn't stop saluting with delight.

I think he is a nice child. But I know nothing about children.

He's going to turn up on Saturday to play with the Xbox, and I'll sit down with him outside on the wall and explain that he shouldn't really go into strangers houses, that we can be friends and talk and sit on the wall, but he shouldn't come in really. It seems very hollow to me. I wish the world wasn't so wary-scary. God, Jack, I wish you hadn't turned up.



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