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The Seeress of Prague

"...In the Fog-land [England], a Virgin girl will become Queen [Victoria] and will bring her land Empire and Greatness. These blessing will remain for a long time. However, the coming Race will not be worthy of their Pay, and they will marry each other; following relationships within the Family will not make it possible to sustain this wealth, and this will then end after about 300 years, after which the Land of Fog will sink into the Ocean..."

I haven't checked on the source material for the Seeress of Prague, apparently she was some kind of 17th century mystic. For all I know, she could have been made up 10 years ago. I am just tickled by the story. Assuming she existed as claimed, the queen who brings empire is probably Victoria, ascending the throne in 1819, so if the land of fog gets around 300 years grace, we've something in the region of 105 years left.

Last year my old friend Olivia died, and this year, a mutual friend has stepped down from her work in the Fellowship of Isis, an organisation created by Olivia, her brother and his wife in order to worship the Feminine Divine as well as the Masculine. It was sweet, random at times but always determinedly well meaning; now another connection to those days slips away for many reasons, including perhaps, anxiety at the name ISIS being used by some terrorist group. This isn't the kind of thing that worries me. I am more alarmed by Liam Fox using ISIS the terrorist group as a justification for snooping on us ever more intrusively. Privacy is the name of the game, not terror. The level of control we allow, the information blocks we permit in order to be told that we are safe by the very people whose control relies on us feeling unsafe, these are becoming problems. There was a march in London last Saturday; 50,000 people protesting against austerity outside the Houses of Parliament. The Beeb just didn't cover it. Sky almost did, but talked about 'crowds,' rather than mentioning the spectacular numbers - and they are spectacular. If 50,000 jihadists turned up outside Westminster, you can bet the Beeb wouldn't cover anything else.

This is the thing about Austerity. It isn't really Austerity at all. It's not about a shared blitz spirit, with the rich eating custard powder alongside the poor. We are not all in this together. It is about the rich reasserting their hegemony in ever more indisputable terms, their right to have without sharing, not just more, but so much more than everybody else. It is the nod to Bladerunner, Elysium, Megacity One, Airstrip One, a ranging kaleidoscope of dystopias presented as if to get us used to the shape of things to come. It is about the right to have many houses while others have none, it is about the right to ignore the lost and the destitute, because somehow it must be their fault - for overextending their mortgage, for having two mobile phones, for smoking cigarettes. It is about directed finger wagging at the unfortunates who don't have our sense or our luck,while we ignore or empathise with those whose vast fortunes come from exploitation.

So why am I concerned? A very long standing friend of mine asked me that, and I asked her why she wasn't. She looked at me and said,'Because I'll be dead when it happens.' And to a certain extent, this holds true. If humans are so stupid that they cannot develop past first come most served, then we really do deserve to be devoured by cannibalistic capitalism/communism whatever totalitarian monster we feed, but when I say 'we,' I mean someone else. Some stats claim half the planets species will be gone by 2050. I don't know how to change that, I only know it hurts - I don't want to outlive the last rabbit. 105 years? Time to party like it's 1889.



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