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Return to Oz

Looks like it may be on the cards in a couple of years...I'm excited already!

If it was just down to me, it would divide up into time in Sydney with chums and family, time in Cairns and time in Arnhem land in the Northern Territories. But that is a lot of travel. Cairns, well that's exquisite rainforest and more of the Barrier Reef, as we have barely begun to explore it...Arnhem land would fulfil my need for history and culture. There's some extraordinary art created up there, and I have heard a lot about it. We would need visas or something from the Northern Land Council, because much of it belongs to the Yolngu people.

People talk about Uluru being the sacred centre of Oz, but the red rock is not something I must see yet. I don't worry about some heart of the land thing. I'll find it wherever; a compass is not a key and I don't need to stomp into someone else's shrine to find my way.

My dreams were momentarily stumped when family members mentioned Western Australia as a possible break. I mean, Perth, what's around Perth? Beware of any place that bangs on about its wineries too much, it means there's nothing else. One of my favourite people in the world comes from Perth, and told me he was not sure I would care for it. 'It looks two dimensional, flat against the desert behind it,' he told me, 'And it lacks that hip-deep-in-ghosts thing you love...' But Perth was his home, so he was perhaps prosaic about it. When I look at the diving possibilities, they are stunning for wrecks and wildlife...turtles, hump-backed whales...obviously there's the shark thing, but I have decided to ignore it. Travel, travel, travel, always brings me to life!

Dreaming because yesterday was a hard day. I am going to write today. And Oz is a grand hope for tomorrow.



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