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The Vow

Oh for god's sake.

What half-wits our party leaders are. Bribing the Scots not to leave the Union? Let them go if they wish, don't give favours the rest of the UK doesn't get...as if there isn't going to be enough bad feeling whichever way this goes! It's not just between the Yes and No voters; maybe it is my imagination but I detect a hardening of attitudes south of the border. To give nothing and let them eat Salmond may become a popular option, certainly more popular than this ridiculous vow. The Velvet Divorce becomes less and less likely.

Of course Cameron is desperate - he doesn't want to go down in British history as the man who lost the Union. And despite his avowal not to resign, his job is on the line...the Tories will not forgive such a failure. But he's in trouble whatever happens because the vow favours Scotland far too much, and he will face riot in his own back yard.
As for Ed Milliband, what an empty suit he is. His party will face utter ruin if Scotland goes independent, and all he can do is snuffle around with nothing to say except how nasty the campaign is getting. Clegg, Clegg who? Who Clegg? Devils, long spoons, all that. If that damned vow keeps Scotland in the Union, the real winners will be UKip. Farage will happily spin a great story about how the English have been unjustly treated so that our leaders can extricate themselves, and he'll get votes too, plenty of them. Then we have another problem.

What a colossal mess.


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Sep. 17th, 2014 10:27 pm (UTC)
2 more unanswered questions that came up tonight:

What passports will the Scots be entitled to? Duel nationality would mean all Scots would remain also UK and EU citizens. What would that imply? If not, how would it be determined who had what!

Given that the referendum by itself is not the legal act that would seperate the rUK and Scotland ( that is a seperate act of parliament which would also spell out the key terms) is there a situation by which Salmond finds out that he doesn't get currancy union, membership of the EU, membership of NATO, loses the financial services industry and decides that the terms of negotiation are not to Scotland's liking, perhaps with a Scottish national election on that basis of a don't do it basis?
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