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Ungenerous times

Sky did their best to make UKip as unpalatable as they could, what with intense close ups of sweat beads trickling down Farage's pores, and the back of his neck throbbing a radioactive shade of red. Interviewers asked people what they thought of his ideas, and the response was clearly not the one expected. Seems many in Doncaster like what he says...and he does say it well, in ordinary blokey ways that sound commonsensical. Of all the party leaders,he is the most clearly and easily engaged with the electorate, ironic as there's no lack of capitalistic hoohah in his background. But he knows what to say and how to say it, and he is keen to chew lumps off the hide of faltering Labour having already positioned his party as a threat to the Tories. If he commits to the policy of protecting the NHS against TTIP, diverting money into frontline services and curbing immigration, he could get a lot of support.

There's a kind of poverty that shrinks the mind, the comforting mythology of blame; For Scotland it's England, for England it's immigrants; I can't really comment on Wales or NI.The anger of the people has been cleverly diverted away from those who actually abuse them, a ruse that has been very useful for the exploiters. The Queen gets a pay rise, no-one hears, no-one minds; she tries to claim more money from the tax payer to heat her houses, she's refused and it's kept quiet. Say the word 'immigrant' and every union jackass decides that the reason they haven't had a pay rise this year is because eeeeeevil furrenners are eating all our funds.

Austerity for the many and comfort for the few is not some inevitable truth of human existence that we must all accept; this is where our political class has failed us. They think we are just comfortable enough, just bored enough, to let it all happen. But it's no coincidence that calls for independence and the drive towards nationalism are loudest in countries where the government is considered incompetent and corrupt. Meanwhile, another Tory MP defects to UKip, and this sense of a changing landscape is everywhere.



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