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Never a truer word...


How the ex Bullingdon boy, 5th great-grandson of King William IV, can talk about the Tory party representing poor kids who grew up on council estates absolutely beats me. If they will accept this flagrant lie, they are just being deliberately obtuse to justify their own greed. And the bribes are ready... the question is, where are all these tax cuts coming from? The answer is, if you cut welfare to the quick, of course there's more money spare. Fortunes have been made from slavery, and at the height of the British Empire, the poverty on the streets of London was hideous. Abuse of the desperate and the choiceless pays well. There's no virtue in the accumulation of wealth, though it's very convenient, and guards against many dangers. So we should extend the safety of wealth to everyone surely. A prosperous society is a safe society... trouble is, they don't seem to define society beyond themselves and their buddies. This is considerable evolution though, considering Thatcher's declaration that there is no society a few decades back. Give them another 50 years and they may concede that a welfare state might be a good thing.

I could go do some training with the Labour party tomorrow, it will just be data entry and all that. Oh, but I don't feel for them anymore, and they represent dangers of their own, but they are the only real hope of getting rid of those cruel wretches. Also, if I am offered this film work, looks like it might be an overnight shift, in which case I could go spend Saturday morning in the park looking for deer, but there's no way I could go from that to Labour Party headquarters, spend a full day there, and catch up with mates in the evening.

I don't know what to do. My only recourse is to drink even more hazelnut milk. I discovered it two days ago, and am now addicted.



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