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Lesson on the Green

Join a party, I thought, make a difference I thought.

I am a lifelong Labour voter, but who are they now and what do they stand for? They have been an inadequate opposition, would they be an adequate government? Where is the necessary corollary to the right wing? Where is any interest whatsoever in environment and climate change? So I go to the Greens.

And I find a mishmash of unworkable twunk, together with some fine ideas. As more and more Labour/Libdem supporters join the Green party, the whole thing begins to look like a trojan horse for far left policies. The watermelon joke has some truth in it. I've got no problems with a party being socialist, as long as it knows what it is and does what it says on the tin.But the Green Party is about supposedly about green issues, and we may just be forgetting what those are...

Within the Green Party there seems to be a convenient belief that social justice and environmental concerns belong together. So what is beginning to happen is that socialist policies are being touted in the mistaken assumption that a more egalitarian society is bound to be more green. Said policies need to have a voice, they belong surely in the Labour party; But Labour seems glum, compromised and inarticulate. If Labour worked out an appropriate environmental programme, I think I might well go back.

Some ideas to be found on the site are immense; a universal income, the protection of the NHS... a movement to a different kind of economy and a massive infra structural overhaul.The idea is to create a self sustaining model for society, but it costs a huge amount to get it all in place and working so you can't punish the cash when you need it to get the whole thing going.This goes against a distinct 'dark green' undercurrent of wanting to sock it to the man, a bad idea if he's the one paying for everything. As I have already said on the site, it is very wrong to attempt to govern people if you despise them.

I find much less concern about animal and ecological conservation than I would like. Some people want to save the planet 'for their children.' This annoys me. Why not save the planet for itself? Why not save trees because they are trees? Why must there be a human advantage to it? As I write this, I have a strong experience of dream deja vu, in which I was saying exactly these things. One me existed only in profile, but there was a strange little woman who lived in my chest, had at least 3 dimensions and plenty to say on the matter. She looked like me, but may well have had touches of face-hugger meets Aegis. The image has struck me so powerfully, along with other curious nightmare flashpoints that I must pause.



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