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Oh I shouldn't...I shouldn't...

But I can't help myself. And it cheers me up when I feel down tonight. From the Wonder that is Facebook:

Can of Worms Opener: In Glastonbury men are just men, but women are goddesses

Well Meaning Aspirer: A little unfair, I feel! Men should be gods...especially Dionysus... xx

Sagacious Knower: No woman is a Goddess. To say such is sacrilege.

Well Meaning Aspirer: We can only hope to aspire to qualities of the Goddess.... Anything more would be the height of pretentious behaviour....

Joker: Men are the trampled underlings who should be glad to find themselves prostate beneath our divine bunions. Or something.

Sagacious Knower: Can anyone answer please why Glastonbury is forever associated with the Goddess?

Well Meaning Aspirer: Something to do with Kathy jones and the goddess movement, based largely on the fantastic, yet fictional book The Mists of Avalon...and im sure I will be lambasted for sharing this opinion.... The goddess movement has undoubtedly benefitted many people...but everything should be taken with a pinch of salt..

Sagacious Knower (whose time has come) Thank you for responding [-] Oh yes, Marianne Bradley the child abuser. Her take on Avalon was admirable, yet her placement of Avalon and the Goddess at Glastonbury was inaccurate to say the least. I have no idea who Kathy Jones is, but the King Arthur and Glastonbury money spinner has now had its day and Glastonbury turned to the dark many years ago.

Well Meaning Aspirer: Child abuser!? I hadn't heard that! I know that she reverted to Catholicism in her later days... Kathy Jones is the founder of the modern day goddess movement, based in Glastonbury. I am very curious to hear your opinions!!! Especially as regards MZB... Where do you reckon the location of Avalon is? Please feel free to pm me..... Xx

Joker: There are many things you could accuse the Goddess Temple of, but being dark is not really one of them.

Well Meaning Aspirer: Please message me- I foresee delightful conversation...:: xx
If forced to chose an adjective to describe the goddess hall (where I quite frequently spend time) I would say 'theatrical.'

Joker: I love the hall, I use it to teach in (downside is persuading people its not a tourist attraction when I have a yoga class in), but I've never been to any of the Temple events there.

Sagacious Knower: http://www.theguardian.com/.../sff-community-marion...
SFF community reeling after Marion Zimmer Bradley's daughter accuses her of abuse
Moira Greyland's claims that she was molested by the...
theguardian.com|By Alison Flood

Well Meaning Aspirer I've been to a few of the events- Solstice, Beltane, etc... What's your yoga class??

Sagacious Knower: The Goddess Temple? I don't know anything about that. All I know is that Glastonbury is not of the Light, King Arthur and Excalibur have nothing to do with the place and Avalon is not in Somerset.

Joker: SK, the Goddess Temple is an organisation run by Kathy Jones, in Glastonbury. WMA, I run pregnancy yoga on Monday mornings, and bellydance
Jesse Lynn Smart OMG I just read that article... I had no idea.....
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Sagacious Knower: Ironically, linking Avalon to Glastonbury serves to ensure that the energy of Avalon shall remain impotent. Without the rebirth of the Sidhe and the Fae, the Goddess cannot exist anyway... Glastonbury needs to face reality and wake up from the illusion; the spell.

Dropper By: In my experience the Light can be found everywhere, but first inside oneself.

Sagacious Knower: Thank you Jokr. That's nice for Kathy Jones. Someone needs to tell her that the Goddess doesn't need a temple - DB hello. One can speak as much or as little of the Light as one can about Reality. Neither exist without.

Well Meaning Aspirer: I have spent a lot of time in the goddess temple- it is a beautiful peaceful space- the goddess doesn't require anything of us fragile humans- if we can find the light within ourselves, then that is the most important thing. There is no real need for a temple- and yet, for some, a temple is a safe space... For those of us who realise that the Divine can be found anywhere, hurrah! But there are still those souls who need a safe place like the goddess temple in order to find their connection to the divine...

Dropper By: True dat WMA

Sagacious Knower: Yes. Exactly, although the Goddess Temple is withIN.

Well Meaning Aspirer: It isn't up to us to judge others- some may need the sacred safe space of a goddess temple in order to connect to the Divine- the rest of us might be able to connect on our own... Each person has their own way of touching the divine....

Sagacious Knower: The Goddess lives through the Light within. The Light being Avalon. I'm not trying to be annoying or judgmental here ~ just to shed some Light on some disinformation to bring clarity to the manipulation of Glastonbury and the leys that run through it. A place that was once Lemurian and then sadly became Atlantean for all the wrong reasons. As time does not exist, it needs only for the mind to forget its predetermined 'thought' of Glastonbury for the ancient ley to be seen.The Goddess is fragile. The ego of woman has made her such, through her being a slave to her mind.
We are all connected to the Divine, because we breathe. Blessings... I'm afraid my messaging email thingy doesn't work at the moment. It had a glitch ages ago and fb have yet to sort it out. Apologies.

Well Meaning Aspirer: Forgiven haha. I think you and I are going to have some amazing conversations..... I don't think the Goddess is fragile- I think she is the underlying strength behind us all. She will never be a slave. And I agree, we are all connected to the divine through our breath. We are all connected to one another by delicate threads- like spiderwebs, whether we like it or not....

Sagacious Knower: Oh I never said the Goddess was a slave! We are connected but through misunderstanding we deny the Goddess breath. All the mistruths and disinformation regarding Avalon, Excalibur and King Arthur (of whom there were two) leads to a misrepresentation of the mythological story of the old world. The Bible is the same. It's a totally misunderstood and maligned body of work that leads us to the truth of the ancient world. My words about slavery to the mind were regarding the power of those in control having manipulated and taken control of our minds, deeming us mere slaves to the rhythm of untruths.Whilst we remain in this rather unfortunate,stagnant state, the Goddess gets weaker and therefore becomes fragile.The Goddess is only strong when Avalon rebirths. Avalon is awakening and powerful again, yet her ruler is unable to show her energetically until the women of the world realise what [-] has realised. It's a fascinating and yet frustrating moment on Earth. The illusion wants to be caught out and allow for peace to flow through the rivers of life. Back to the garden of Eden. Avalon.

Well Meaning Aspirer: And I agree- let the goddess flow free and share her wisdom with us ! Let the love and life force of the goddess shine through!!! But are we truly ready to hear Her message?!

This exchange has pleased me for all the wrong reasons. Proof that however much wisdom I hope to have learned, I am still a bad bad woman.



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