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Hard truths...

I can't use Tumblr.

I've wanted to create a little blog for political observations from Evil Maria's point of view. But working my way around Tumblr really hurts my head. The blog has a mistake in it; it cites a Telegraph article as 'today' when I saw it (and wrote the blog) yesterday. But I can't work out how to go in and edit basic text. It's very annoying.

One of the things that drove me to write the blog was this latest thing in the Telegraph about using nursery workers and teachers as surveillance for terrorist tendencies in toddlers; no really.

A Home Office sockpuppet said it was vital to look out for these things, to teach children 'British values' as early as possible. What British values? That being born rich is the best thing ever? That starvation doesn't happen to the deserving? That cruelty to animals is wrong unless you're rich? That paedophilia is wrong unless you're rich? That free speech is integral unless you speak against the government? What exactly will this worthless bought-and-paid-for shower of smug incompetents teach us about British values?

Anyone recall the Queen shaking Martin McGuinness' hand? Was she condoning terrorism then? No because things change and the person we called terrorist today we may well support tomorrow - assuming we didn't sell them arms yesterday. We cannot stop our kids following our examples, and if we are casual killers and bribe-merchants, they'll be no better. No amount of surveillance will stop that. We want good kids, best we be good people. But government doesn't want 'good' - nothing more politically dangerous than conscience - government wants 'obedient.' That's what we have been and that's how they want us to stay. It's up to us to decide if that's what we want.

God, this is so much easier than Tumblr. LJ, I don't care if you are almost a desert. I still love you.


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Jan. 10th, 2015 11:09 am (UTC)
It's inevitable that you teach your class your values. Even if you try not to, they watch, they observe and they judge you all the time. There's... almost no point in trying to make teachers teach 'British values' because what they will actually teach will be what they do. A class is a complex social group, formed by the meshing of thirty disparate individuals and the person who has the nerve to stand and insist that this place will be what she wants to be, that they will all do what she wants them to do, care about what she wants them to care about, and emulate what she considers to be right and good behaviour. Sticking in a period a week (a month, a year) of British Values is nothing more than wasted time. It's meaningless, purposeless. It will do nothing. The ethical lessons we teach our kids comes from who we really are, and how we treat these people who are temporarily in our power.
Jan. 10th, 2015 02:37 pm (UTC)
'The ethical lessons we teach our kids comes from who we really are, and how we treat these people who are temporarily in our power.'

Perfectly expressed, thank you. I think these points are missed precisely by those who don't want to be understood for who they are and how they treat people temporarilly in their power.
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