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Wetlands and Weddings

Bright cold day at the London wetlands centre; for me it was all about light and water, colours that metal can only emulate with chunky hopelessness, singing reeds, birds in their own magic, and the sky.
One of my companions was not quite so swept up. She was slightly miffed at the price, and I suspect that when one starts unimpressed there can be a quiet determination to stay that way. Or not so quiet in some cases. But being awesome she got past it, and we wandered among the birches staring at bird boxes made from walking boots topped with little roofs*. It was around this point that she asked me if I knew what kind of wedding dress I wanted.

Truth is, I have very little idea about this. If I was getting married in a registry office, I might go for the whole 60's look, with a mini-dress, boots, velvet jacket and top hat with a veil pinned at the back, but that might all look a bit out of place in a country hotel. I'll have more idea on colour schemes and styles once we have chosen a venue. I explained this, and she asked if I might consider a long dress because she would like to design something for me.

This is a lovely offer to make. My mate's won awards for her work - here are some of her recent textile designs http://www.amandaprouten.com/natural-selection-art.html but as other chum pointed out: 'You're not going to dress her in one of your ornate tea-towels are you?' Mate One looked pained. 'No. Of course not. But something big. What colours do you have in mind?' I timidly suggested the colours I know look good on me; red,black, green. Her eyes lit up.

'See, I was thinking, 'Day of the Dead Mexico,' she said.
'Sugar skulls?' Intervened Mate Two. Artist chum looked even more pained.
'No,not sugar skulls. Sugar skulls are done to death. Sugar skulls are everywhere, they're boring. No, I was thinking more Frida Kahlo with great big flowers. I mean Great....BIG...Flowers.'She made a gesture around her head like a man boasting about a record catfish.

I was momentarily captivated by the idea of turning up for my wedding with a fag in hand and painted-on monobrow. After all, larians loves surprises. Presumably the hawk would be extra. I hope it wasn't stuffed. 'Or,' she continued, 'I could design you a dress with lots of little animals and grass around the bottom. I can just see you getting married in a wood. There could be a little animal reaching a paw up...and a butterfly fluttering across the bodice. Or maybe the bodice could be sky and clouds...'

I am extremely flattered by her offer. Her designs are bold and beautiful, and I'm not exactly a conventional bride; but I have no idea how this works. Does she just draw a dress and I take it away and try to find someone to create it? Who makes the pattern? Who decides what fabric is best for the design and who makes the material? Who makes the dress? And how much does this all add up to in the end? Suppose it doesn't feel right once I try the finished creation? It is bound to be artistically stunning, whatever happens, but that doesn't mean I will look good in it. Fact is, often I look best in really plain clothes, with little more to them than good cut.

I am going to defer it until I know more about what we are doing. For now, I will dream about the wetlands, and all that winter sunshine.

*I still think 'rooves' sounds better.



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