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The snow has lost all confidence and is now rain. Just as well as we're meant to be travelling to a party today.

Met some excellent friends in the Cork and Bottle on Thursday, end of my dry January. It's strange to note the effects of alcohol after a few weeks avoidance. I am delighted by the fact that a dry January was easy; it just feels very nice. Tonight is a major celebration, so I'm going to be tanked no doubt, but if I can drink a large glass of water after each cocktail, it'll pace things out and save me from that thick gutted boozy bellied morning afterness. And then I may try another dry month, exceptions allowed. It just feels pleasant and less heavy.

One of our friends stayed over and we talked about memories of LARP.

I am probably done with LARP,though never say never. Love my friends but I would rather see them as they are; I want to explore the real and many worlds before they are lost to me or I am lost to them. I want the desert and the deep, and caves and lost cities and dreams and stories to be found, listened to, told. That's where I am.

A very telling dream last night. I was wandering up and down a street with some random companion, and doing some kind of trade, in which I always ended up with paper and pills which I presumed were ecstasy. I had about 6 of these things before my companion suggested we leave the street, in case the police stopped us and it all got too interesting. A lorry stopped and gave us a lift. Time to go.


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Feb. 1st, 2015 11:48 pm (UTC)
I think your sentiments of LRP (as expressed here) are very similar to mine. I am booked for Outcast in April, going because it's Izzy's first experience of it and I think I should be there for that - but taking two cars so that I can run for the hills if I feel the need. I expect to feel the need.

Meeting up Thursday was excellent, but lordy was I sozzled. I blame the large glass of wine and the teeny tiny canapes in the place from whence I came. I'd like to say I won't make that mistake again, but then it was a great evening, so perhaps it wasn't a mistake. I didn't even regret having to run for the train, and I hardly ever run; it's so undignified, darling.

I really hope we can do it again soon.
Feb. 3rd, 2015 08:44 am (UTC)
Me too!

Quite a few chums have tried to entice me towards Empire, in particular citing Varushka, but I just don't feel it.

Bet Izzy has a great time, and hopefully you will have a great time watching her have a great time - or even have a great time on your own account!

Anyway, it was brilliant spending time with you in the Cork and Bottle. I look forward to getting together again soon :-)
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