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And yet it moves

despite me being rubbish. There's no mystery to my sluggishness, I have developed a full bodied little cold, which is even now snuffling into life. I am meant to be taking part in a Spring Equinox ritual this evening, and have a beautiful piece to recite. Unfortunately I can barely remember where my morning coffee is...and with my bunged up nose and hoarse throat, there is a distinct possibility that I won't be at my most inspiring tonight.

And yet, the work is moving. But I am so slow! And for once yesterday, I made a mistake I haven't made in ages - got involved with an online argument, and got fierce. Not that they didn't deserve it; racism cloaked and not so cloaked with just a dash of passive aggression. I was a mule at them. Sometimes you have to be. But I must use my time more wisely, and I had been so good up to then. I got some work done but it needs to get faster.

About the solar eclipse, I don't really like them. I remember once seeing a partial solar eclipse on my way somewhere on a coach from Victoria station. We passed a field full of horses, and the shadows grew really long; the horses ran around, disturbed, and the birds grew quiet, and everything seemed covered in this weird grey patina. Really, my superstitious self does not celebrate the darkening of the Sun. I'm Summer's child, and always will be.

Also, we have chums coming tomorrow and the house is a mess. And suddenly it occurs to me that I am getting these weird cold moments, like when you are sitting in a draft, only there is no draft. One minute my body temperature is fine, the next I'm freezing.

God, I wish I could call tonight off, but chum will be very disappointed; this is something she is trying to get up and running and what is it to me to be there and help out? And I said I would, that's the thing.

But I am definitely not myself. Will give myself two hours before I start trying to do anything.



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