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The sunflowers

Good things about this weekend; the company of november_girl and her daughter. Discussions and adventure and lively times! I could not join them in the Witchwood - I had received the news and had to hurry to the hospital.

Bought him sunflowers, because he was born in Summer. They wouldn't let me give them to him, only show him.

'How sad,' he said, 'They'll wither and die... Take them home, put them in water.'
'I will,' I told him, 'I'll keep them. They'll still be your flowers though.'

Hours later I was on the bus home, when a pixie sat down in the seat beside me.
'Those flowers aren't doing well,' he announced. 'Why are they like that?' He touched the drooping petals and leaves. He was clearly quite a poor little boy,with the crappiest little scooter/skateboardy thing. It looked as though it was made of cardboard and rust. I explained I had taken the flowers to a friend in hospital way across town, but the nurses wouldn't let me give them to my friend, so I had to bring them back.
'How much did they cost you?' He said.
'Eleven pounds,' was my reply. He shook his head.
'That's a waste.' I didn't say anything. He was probably right.
He sat there for a while, and we passed a funfair on Plumstead Common. 'You should go there!' He announced, 'You pay £8 to go in, and then you go on all the rides for free! It's fun at night!' He reassured me that maybe my flowers would be all right if I put them in water. He counted all the bus stops till we got off at the same one, and away he went down the hill on his crazy little mocked up ironing board or whatever it was.

There was something about him that reminded me of Jack. I don't know quite how I have become an urchin magnet. A friend told me that it was because I look like a 15 year old boy, but I don't think so. Jack and this one and Izzy... they all seem so happy. I think of my friend as a little boy, remember him in hospital and can't bear it.

Some of the sunflowers have perked up in the water. I have other little plants growing, and one is a sunflower seed.

Guess all you can ever do is try.



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