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Eve of Lughnassad

I have always liked this celebration in so much as it makes me think of light and gods and games. Lammas seems much more sombre, for all its connotations of good fare. I am supposed to be going to a celebration tonight.

A year from today is my wedding day.

A friend phoned me yesterday, warning me that there was a huge wedding in the area so my guests may have issues finding hotels in which to stay; turns out she has got the names mixed up; the hotel she was looking at with the 150 people wedding is 38 miles away. Thing is, the hotel has a name almost identical to the village in which our wedding is set. The warning, I guess, is that it's a mistake easily made, and we need to make it clear to our guests. Truth is we need to set the webpage up and running, but it's complicated... my friend did not mean to panic me with her tales of hotels being booked up over a year in advance, but panic me she did! I do not understand her idea that I should send out lists of hotels nearby prior to now; my thought was that people would put the postcode into their search engine, and find all sorts of things - I guess I was heartened by the vast Premier Inn/Travelodge/generic hotel in Barnstaple, and didn't think it would be that big a deal; from what I recall, many chums sent out lists of helpful info with the invitation, which is seldom a year or more in advance. I wish all our guests were on FB, I would rather create the event there. Much easier to put together and it's free! I may set up a FB page anyway.

I am still bugged by the numbers of people I can't invite, simply because of pressure of numbers. Only now do I realise how much more convenient a London registry office followed by pub knees-up would have been, though not particularly 'Us'. This will, I hope, be beautiful and interesting too, with all the sculptures and the woodlands and water. If it rains, I want people to bring bright colourful brollies and wellies. Hell, if it rains, I will be investing in such things myself, and have no shame in turning up wearing them. I want colour and happiness, and if the sky doesn't supply them, we have to bring them ourselves.

I am going to become a wife, one year from today. Blimey.


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Jul. 30th, 2015 09:31 am (UTC)
Wedding headaches
I remember this well from when we got married. In the end we settled on a 40 person wedding for our nearest and dearest (well some of them were) and when we got back from honeymoon had a knees up party with several hundred more. It worked really well for us and I'd encourage anyone else to think of it as a viable option.
Jul. 31st, 2015 10:01 am (UTC)
Thank you Sarah
It's a really good idea!
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