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A night of documentaries

Interesting tales about the recovery of HMS Erebus, and a recounting of Franklin's disastrous expedition to the arctic. The Erebus was found 11 metres under the water, not hard to reach in terms of distance. You'd probably need the ultimate dry suit of course, but what a thing to explore! The documentary didn't focus much on the lead poisoning that seems to have contributed to the tragedy, but I was intrigued to hear about the accuracy of Inuit oral tradition on the subject. It seems to have been ignored because Victorian England was mortified by the suggestion of their heroes succumbing to cannibalism. I feel for poor Captain Crozier, and wonder if Franklin was all that. Crozier seems to have had his doubts.

This was followed by 'A Very British Brothel,' which was truly fascinating, with its cups of tea and take-outs. It's long struck me that prostitution needs to be made safe; I never understand those who want to close down sex work saying that it demeans women. There are plenty of male prostitutes, does it demean them? Yes, there is a long tradition of specifically gender-slanted abuse inherent in our society, but I am not convinced the way to empower sex workers is to stop them making a living. Our society equates money with agency, so it's surely useful to enable sex workers to make money in safety; making it legal and bringing about the entire industry's involvment in curbing drug abuse, disease, and trafficking, can only be constructive.

Channel 4: I had forgotten how good it can be.


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Aug. 5th, 2015 08:15 pm (UTC)
Having worked with a number of ex-sex workers, women and men, it certainly can feel demeaning to them - and take a lot of therapy to heal from. That does not mean it will feel demeaning to everyone. The problem with all debates like this is when they start with homogenizing people's differing experiences.

I would like there to be enough support for those who feel demeaned, enough support for people not to have to get into it out of a lack of choice, enough clamping down on trafficking, and yes, safety for those who choose sex work freely and do feel it is useful to them. And I would like the moon onna stick. Cos I aint gonna get all that!
Aug. 6th, 2015 08:05 am (UTC)
Not the moon onna stick!
Sounds like a perfectly reasonable wish list to me, covers pretty much every issue around sex work. I don't see why it should be unattainable.

Having said that, '...Enough support for people not to have to get into it out of a lack of choice...' is a toughie, because we are in a time of begrudging, where support for anybody is resented, especially for those traditionally stigmatised.
Aug. 6th, 2015 01:35 pm (UTC)
Re: Not the moon onna stick!
As you say, and I think it's reasonable, but sadly I am not in government...
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