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We Need To Talk About Jeremy

Just popped online to vote for the next Labour leader. Wish I was going to the conference, but with the wedding, Oz and Africa, I just don't know if I can afford 4 days in Brighton at its most expensive. Pity. Maybe next time.

I am baffled by the bizarre drama that surrounds the possibility of Jeremy Corbyn becoming the next leader of the Labour party. Maybe the country developed a sudden allergy to allotments, it's hard to say. Tony Blair warns that he would make the party unelectable, the Daily Mail has accused him of a)riding a bicycle, b)being teetotal and c)eating beans out of a can, the British Jewish Community seems to be uneasy because of his...what? No-one is sure... association with Hamas? Has anyone accused him of being anti-semitic? Goodness no, but they are uncertain because he has protested vociferously against the shelling of Gaza. But what about his friends, they say. Well, Margaret Thatcher's friends included some of the most brutal despots in history, wot, no waving of hands, no woe? Strange that.

In the meantime the Labour party talks about what it will do to prevent him from winning and the Right Wing rubs its hands in such high glee that it's all a bit Gertrude... The Lady Doth Protest Way Too Much. See, if I wanted someone to make a political mistake, the last thing I would do is shout about it. I would keep very quiet indeed. I certainly wouldn't endlessly tell them that they were paving my road to victory if they vote for this person. Bit odd really.

And why are they so concerned, so determined that he shouldn't be their adversary? Don't they want someone they can defeat, guaranteeing their glorious vision for the next 10 years? Ah but they want a strong opposition they say, for the sake of democracy...until the SNP steps in and then the spluttering indignation starts. Do they want Jeremy so they can defeat him or do they want someone else for the sake of a democratically electable Labour party? In honesty I don't think the right wing actually know, but I'd be very surprised if they really wanted the latter. It's as though there is a consensus that the soft right is now the middle, and both mainstream Labour and the Conservative party are ardently trying to claim this shift as the norm. But it isn't.

Socialism and Left Wing thinking has an honourable history in this country. The centre is between the right and the left, not tilted to the right. It's not even about Jeremy. It's about the tacit acceptance of the current bias as a given, unchanged and unchangeable, and an almost hysterical demand that everyone plays by the new rules, pretending that it was ever thus.You won't win if you don't play the game our way. Don't you want to win?

Sometimes you have to stand by what you believe in. And if the people don't like it, that's the people's choice. Pandering is not the solution.


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Aug. 23rd, 2015 04:08 pm (UTC)
Hello there! My paid account has just expired so I thought I'd check in to see if anyone I knew still posted to good ole LJ and I found you. Yay! :o)

Do I agree with what Corbyn stands for? Not especially. (You know where I sort of sit already.)

Do I think he would make a competent leader? Actually, based on what I've seen so far, yes.

What do I think about what he would do for the Labour Party and their future prospects if he was leader? I think only time will really tell on this one. BUT no matter what, if he stands for what the vast majority of Labour Party members believe in then sooner him than some spin-doctor Blair-wannabe.

It's been a while since principles have been a core feature so it would be refreshing to see a leader that has some. :)

There you go, my 2p...

Aug. 25th, 2015 12:23 am (UTC)
Hi there!
How fantastic to hear from you!

I don't think many of our mutual friends still update lj, but it's still very therapeutic for me!

Re Corbyn, I don't agree with all his policies, but as you say, it's been a while since principles have been a core feature. I think a democracy needs to have a capable opposition - insubordinates are important! -and he could do a lot of good as a Labour leader and an opposition leader. Could he be a good prime minister? My instinct says yes, but that's because I like him. As you say, time would be the teller on that one!

It has been way too long, hope we can meet up before 2016!
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