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It's getting better slowly, but I am in a right state. Had to go and get money for the cleaner, barely any distance to travel, it left me dizzy and breathless, coughing and wheezing like a pneumoniac and all I want to do is go to bed. The cleaner is here now; I feel guilty about the poor lady having to put up with my germy atmosphere, but I put her off last week, and can't do the same now. I remember years when no work meant no money at all, and can't imagine the agency pays those whose customers cry off.

Asylum seekers, refugees, immigrants...Merkel says that the outbreaks of xenophobia in Germany are few compared to the readiness of the country to accept 800,000 asylum seekers. 'Germany is strong,' she says. 10,000 Icelanders are ready to help, it seems. And Britain? Well we are desperate, we can't, we just can't, the infrastructure is falling apart and the impact is so huge and we owe billions and we just dont have the money we just don't have the money...we have to deny sick and starving born here, so we just can't help anyone else, we don't have enough. We have to deny people a few hundred a month, we have enough for a cut in inheritance tax of course, but what's that got to do with anything? 12 billion cut out of the Welfare budget, but if your house is worth a million, you can pass it on to your kids tax-free. That's how desperate we really are.

We are so caught up in wealth worship it is disgusting.
Having said that, this isn't everything we are. Across Europe and here too, people want to help.I find it heartening.

Might be talking to Elvis Diary about going down to Calais with some stuff, though I don't think her purple E-type's the most appropriate convoy wagon. But first, I had better get well. It's been over a week now, and I'm still a wreck. Editing's been put on hold, I was hoping to start again today. Impossible.



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