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The Safety Dance

We leapt around to it quite a bit, but most of the night was spent drinking bubbly on an empty stomach and making incense... I found myself completely in love with labdanum, so my chum insisted on getting out some of her endless ingredients and making me this extraordinary stuff, adding frankincense, amber, something called blue lotus, rosemary and sandalwood. Labdanum is unbelievably sticky. I found myself camped for what I hope wasn't hours in the toilet trying to wash it off my hands as well as removing strange white patches that manifested on my trousers.

Chum's incense making supplies include all sorts of gorgeous spices and resins, ouds and essential oils. She's practically a walking Ithaca. The problem was that her lovely salads could not provide much in the way of ballast, and I am still very wobbly. Not how I wanted to spend today...

I'm beginning to suspect that much drama could be improved with the inclusion of the Safety Dance.

Watched Sense and Sensibility on TV this afternoon. While not as over-stuffed as the Emma Thompson version (Having said that, ET's depiction of the Ferrars/Steele business is much funnier, and Hugh Grant demonstrates how even a good looking man must be wary of cravats) S&S is hard to dramatise successfully, because there's so much stoicism and subtext. Elinor Dashwood has to stifle her feelings as the man she loves is almost ensnared by youthful folly, her sister Marianne nearly dies prey to her overdeveloped sensibilities for a rubbishy bloke. A spontaneous safety dance would have done them the world of good, and made it all more interesting viewing.

I also watched the end of Bus Stop, and nearly cried laughing. 15 minutes was too much. Monroe is beautiful of course, but seems to be constantly draped face forward over every surface.

At least she sometimes looks at the guy she's talking to. The cowboy may love her, but he he's always staring off screen somewhere, eyes wide in the innocence of the love-smitten kidnapper. After all, if a woman doesn't want a man,the obvious thing for him to do is abduct her, and eventually she'll fall in love with him due to his sweetness and persistence. Serious need for the safety dance. So here it is:https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Safety+Dance+YouTube&view=detail&mid=063D4D8C0B6BD8118313063D4D8C0B6BD8118313&FORM=VIRE1



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