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Hurrying towards the hols

Always enjoy a walk through the happening streets, not pretty but full of life. Met a friend for a trip to the Geffrye Museum, a fascinating break from shopping. Getting ready for Sydney, but of course everything's in ghastly colours. Love Spring as a season but in terms of what to buy it's a mess...lots of greys and pastels and prints, no full on primaries unless you count Yellow. Yellow is very in as far as the shops are concerned. Yellow and cullottes, currently being described as mid-leg chinos. Excepting the 60s, I haven't lived through a single decade without some idiot trying to tout cullottes to the general public. The absurdity of it is that on pegs and posters these are cool looking trousers. So they make your legs look shorter? Buy some heels to give you the length you just lost and spend twice the money to look the way you would if you just wore ordinary trousers! Bugger off cullottes, I despise you. I despise you more than I despise peplums. I have seen the occasional decent peplum, but no cullotte is ever a good idea.

Brief for Sydney? Casual wear, beach stuff. Well, I am a bit too Winter-rounded (!) for a bikini right now, so this is a toughie. Found some lovely shorts in Monsoon, 12s too big,10s too small. Gah. Hate shopping.

Bro has been in touch re the five planets visible in the sky right now, so we could set up the telescope tonight and check them out. But the house is so full of packing stuff it looks a proper rummage, and my man comes home late and very tired - we need this holiday. The telescope may have to wait.


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Jan. 22nd, 2016 03:55 am (UTC)
The 60s were to blame for the resurgence of culottes. It's a question of design. I had a pair in the early 70s that looked like a skirt. You wouldn't have known they weren't a skirt. Best of both worlds, really. If they look like clown pants that have shrunk in the wash then calling them mid-leg chinos won't fool anyone.
Jan. 22nd, 2016 09:42 am (UTC)
The first ones are definitely long shorts but if you google around you'll find lots of '60s culottes. In fact, there were culottes in the '50s as well, like these. Those '70s ones are too long but the lengths tended to follow skirt length so the '50s culottes are about right, the '60s ones are too short, and the '70s ones are too long. Some fashions should never come back.
Jan. 22nd, 2016 10:06 am (UTC)
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