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Strange day, cool night

Yesterday was full of bizarre wee glitches and oddities.  The night at Balans was pleasant except for one more strange discovery; I have lost my taste for white wine. I think the Dinner of Doom finished me off on that score.

Much did not get done; this must be amended today, but first I'm going to indulge myself with a little bit of EU meandering. First is the poem I wrote re Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, who, having repeatedly declared himself not to be an 'outer,' has changed his tune.


The wind blows high and the wind blows low
And what it means no-one can know
Only this, that wherever it blows
There to be sure Boris Johnson goes

When it blows hard and London City
Fears for its brass, ah, more’s the pity
Boris may claim the EU brings sorrow
But fear not! The wind will change tomorrow!

When it blows soft and friends are many
He’ll say the EU’s worth the penny
But sceptics have no cause to glower
The wind may turn within the hour.

The wind may blow past Downing Street
And the Bjobber follows on hopeful feet
But whether he’s vain, who can help deplore
such a windsock wavering at the door?

Was the wind in his guts,with ambition brewing
when it honked through his mouth to bring shock and ruin?
Whate'er blew him so close to number 10
To be sure it'll blow him right out again

The wind blows high and the wind blows low
And what it means no-one can know,
Only this, that where’er it blows,
There to be sure Boris Johnson goes

For the EU or agin it, people have their opinions. What amused me was the naked  opportunism of the man who wants to be the next prime minister. The bitterest diatribes I have read have been from tories lamenting his inconsistency and what some have  labelled disloyalty, even to the tune of declaring their readiness to leave the party if he becomes its leader. But I have a great deal of faith in the pragmatism of the Conservative party;  if it seems that he could truly win the election, his current display of unstatesmanlike behaviour will be gilded,might even be accepted as a cheeky political gamble, daring rather than dishonest.

One way or another It must be considered certain that Cameron's time is nearly done, though I wouldn't put it past him to pull some new trick out of the bag. Personally, I have always enjoyed Boris' antics...but if his own PM and party can't rely on him,can he really represent the country, or indeed anything other than his own self interest?

Year of the Monkey,  yours are interesting times...



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