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So this wee shite of a man has resigned, apparently over the budget cuts. Surprise has been registered, understandably,as his department and the Treasury drew the plans up together, and he has not exactly been merciful so far... IDS is memorable for having paraphrased/near as damn quoted the words on the gates of Auschwitz;  Arbeit Mach Frei (work makes free). What he  said regarding the government’s workfare programme was that “work actually helps free people.”

And of course, he hasn't been a shining pillar of Tory success recently; he lost his legal battle to keep problems with Universal Credit secret http://www.politics.co.uk/blogs/2016/03/17/ids-loses-legal-challenge-to-keep-universal-credit-problems and  the sheer brutality of the DWP sanctions,the fakeries  about DWP success stories, his laughter in discussions of the Bedroom tax, his massive salary while sneering at the hardships of the poor... He is one of the most unpopular men in British politics.

But I don't think these issues are anything to do with his resignation. Nor do I think he gives a damn about the budget or the cuts to welfare. He helped instigate them after all. No, this is about Brexit and the next leadership of the Tory party.

IDS is ferociously anti-EU. I did not know until recently that he has links to the very far right.https://tompride.wordpress.com/2014/06/13/iain-duncan-smiths-historic-links-to-the-far-right/

I think this is a swipe at the pro-EU Tories, though he is careful in his resignation letter not to aim at the PM himself. No, this will be about Boris.  If GB stays in the EU,Boris is probably done in, at least for a few years, seen as inconstant, fickle and utterly self serving. But GB leaving would herald the end of Cameron's sway... and a new party leader is going to be needed soon. Who then? Boris has positioned himself to be the Brexiters' loudest choice. Osborne is his rival, and pro-Europe to boot. This punch at the budget makes Osborne weaker in the eyes of the faithful, and dear little IDS will probably get something nice in the would-be Boris cabinet if it works.

Cameron showed no understanding of this grubby mob by letting them get so close. But then he knew they had neither loyalty nor statesmanship and took his chances. Now the country must  do the same.



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