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Poems and Dreams

After the incident, it felt like I just stopped writing, but I didn't.

My journal entries were a conscious discipline, a manuscript longer than anything I have ever written finally emerged, and I wrote poetry. It never occurred to me that I actually wrote quite a lot of poetry...

A few friends have been on at me to get it published. One particular friend wants me to create an anthology of the stuff and self publish, just so that some chums can have a copy - she isn't seeing it as a money making exercise. She has visions of, I think it may have been Chesca Potter, making a small book of her creations hand bound with green ribbon, a  beautiful thing.

But I am no crafter of that kind. Still, to collate the poems seemed like a good idea. It wasn't easy because I have seldom bothered with LJ tags, let alone used them correctly, and  seem to have deposited poems in random places all over the net/my pc/wherever.
Possibly a few have escaped. The ones I have are not all good, by any means, and the ones that are 'good' in terms of skill are not always alluring or enjoyable.  But still, it's useful to have them in one place.

Yesterday was Larians birthday. We were meant to be going out to see Superman vs Batman, but the weather was so atrocious, we stayed in with gorgeous food and wine instead - the wine was the stuff we got shipped back from Oz, a silken shiraz from the Two Hands vineyard. It was a good night.

Searching around for poems, I found this entry from last year:http://smokingboot.livejournal.com/547911.html

Maybe this dream was what prompted me to contact Dad and thank him for what he had done for me. Or maybe it was just a buried memory of the crazy Chinese fortune teller who, way back in the 80s, warned me to make peace with my father, or even a subconscious understanding that Dad was unlikely to be around much longer...Either way, thank you dreambrain. And thanks for the poetry too.



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