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So an old old friend was back in town. He's an Australian and we hung out together a lot in the 90s before he returned to his homeland, confused by a relationship he had ended because it wasn't right for him...So greatly hurt was she that many found it hard to withhold judgement. Here he was, desperate for a lover, and here she was, intelligent, beautiful, giving...and yet he didn't feel it. It was almost as though, mingled with our friendship was a slight exasperation, exacerbated by the lady's heartbreak. In the end, she fell in love again and he went through a long period of introspection. He has had a partner now for many years, and I got to meet her for the first time last night; of course she was warm, lovely, friendly,and we had a great evening. They fly back to Oz today.  My friend is bigger, as perhaps we all are, and decades happier.  He has found a woman he loves very much, they've sustained their relationship for a long time, and they've just bought a house on an wildly overgrown hill outside of the city. She confessed to me shyly that she is looking forward to cautiously imprinting her own ideas on the place, he is just delighted at the space, the views, the nearby communal vegetable garden and the nature reserve.  His life is good, and he shines.

Just goes to show that time can improve everything.  One current exception to that is London;  Years on and he was dismayed by the homelessness and the litter, the underlying sense of what to him seemed like desperation.

Certainly the city seems harsher than usual. Beyond, it's hard to gauge. How does the country feel?

Calls for Cameron to leave, and one does wonder what folk are hoping to gain. Who do they think will replace him? Theresa May? Boris Johnson? They dream if they think these are better options.  I have no love of DC, but the guy hasn't done anything illegal. He made a small investment a decade ago in a legal fund, he cashed in said investment before taking office. If we deplore such practices as being dishonest and a detriment to society, hypocritical in the face of all this austerity,  if we think that such avoidance of tax is inherently wrong, then the law allowing it should be changed.

Pillorying Cameron personally may be a sign of popular anger, a bloodletting of anti-Conservative sentiment ( he certainly did not help with his attempts in 2013 to shield off-shore bodies from EU attempts at transparency) but there is no victory in toppling him if his replacement is more right wing than he is.

It seems there is some hope the Conservative party will tear itself apart between the EU referendum and a leadership fight, but the truth is that the weakening of Cameron also weakens the pro-EU campaign - at a time when 100,000 people have signed a petition trying to stop the government from issuing pro-EU leaflets, saying it is a waste of money.  What fools actually want to know less about the referendum, and want to ensure that others know less too?  Then as if by magic, it suddenly emerges that Samantha Cameron is using a fashion consultant at the taxpayer's expense. The rights and wrongs of this speak for themselves - we do not employ Samantha Cameron, so she can pay for her own consultant - but the true tell lies in the timing of this revelation.

Somebody wants Cameron gone, shot off the pot, as discredited as possible as soon as possible. People seem so excited at the hope of hitting a big blue coconut right out of the shy, they aren't considering why and what follows. In fact,I begin to suspect people don't think at all. Here is an unedited and unabridged FB comment from an ex-work associate of mine: Good day to you all . i see PM Cameron , has cut to the bone our Royal Navy , to such a point , there are now no Falklands warships on patrol , as just now tensions are running high between the UK &Argentina , the islanders have a right as British citizens , which again proves a point its time to vote no on the E.U vote , get out and create a country again called Great Brittan its time to change and its now,

Follow that line of reasoning if you can.


Apr. 10th, 2016 06:30 am (UTC)
To my understanding, no MP is required to declare interests totalling less than £70,000. Re the mainstream press, it is truly becoming a joke, an endless script of manipulation. Perhaps it always was and I never realised it.



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