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And then there's this.


I won't be able to analyse this piece objectively as any kind of view of the tory psyche until I have stopped laughing and being indignant at it by turns. Oh dear! And there's me trying to understand with Thatcher and Austen and Gog Magog and Gillray! Why bother if it all comes down to this? :-D  Such a fool to waste my time pondering!  Feel for Cameron though. With friends like these, who needs enemas?

Alan Duncan has of course apologised, again.  It seems to be all he does.

Here's a little information on this serial sorry-sayer.

His first governmental position was as Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Minister of Health, a position he obtained in December 1993. He resigned from the position within a month after it emerged that he had used the right-to-buy programme to make profits on property deals. It emerged that he had lent his elderly next door neighbour money to buy his home under the right-to-buy legislation. The neighbour bought the 18th century council house at a significant discount and sold it to Duncan just over three years later. Gyles Brandreth describes this event in his diary as '...little Alan Duncan has fallen on his sword. He did it swiftly and with good grace.'

On 15 May 2009, the satirical BBC programme Have I Got News for You showed footage of Duncan's previous appearance on the show in which he boasted about his second home allowance, denied that he should pay any of the money back and stated it was "a great system". The show then cut to footage of David Cameron announcing that Duncan would return money to the fees office, followed by Duncan's personal apology, in which he called for the system to be changed.

Duncan had claimed nearly £5,000 on gardening; pranksters from online magazine and marketing company Don't Panic paid a visit to his constituency home where they planted flowers in the shape of a pound sign on his lawn and left a money tree. On 14 August, Duncan said (whilst being filmed without his knowledge by Don't Panic), that MPs, who were at the time paid around £64,000 a year, were having, "to live on rations and are treated like shit.[18] I spend my money on my garden and claim a tiny fraction on what is proper. And I could claim the whole lot, but I don't." These remarks attracted the attention of the press, and were criticised by commentators from all sides.Duncan apologised once more, and Cameron, though critical of Duncan's comments, denied that he would sack him from the Shadow Cabinet. Despite these assurances, on 7 September 2009, Duncan was "demoted" from the Shadow Cabinet, to become Shadow Minister for Prisons, after he and Cameron came to an agreement that his position was untenable



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