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Weekend and the Week Starts

Dinner with friends Friday, Day with friends Saturday, Brekkie with friends Sunday. Great company, excellent conversation and stonking amounts of food and drink, including vast amounts of cheese, and perfectly poached eggs,not to mention gin and elderflower tonic, mead, and some polish  liquer so delicious it tasted like the very best chocolate cherry bombs melted down. Met young William who is now definitely a little boy rather than a baby. Came home to cool but sunny skies.

Now I face these forms I have to fill in and take  to the local surgery regarding jabs needed for Africa. How the hell would I recall the dates of my vaccination history?  I know I've had the full set of tetanus ones  - about 5 in all -  and should be safe short of a rusty nail being driven through my hand,and I know I had the usual suspects during babyhood, in Singapore and at school. Influenza I have  no clue about,am sure I have had a hepatitis jab, can't recall which it was, am pretty sure I had the typhoid one. One of these was in the butt,so painful I couldn't rest on that buttock for days. I recall a little hole, left by the needle, out of which a wee trickle of blood streamed for about half an hour. I know I haven't had a rabies shot. Yellow fever? Jab B Enceph? Tick bone? What the hell is tick bone?

No-one can remember this stuff, surely that's what my medical records are for.

Meanwhile,the country is in a fever about the government's leaflet outlining its position re staying in the EU, with particular idiots frothing at the mouth at the waste of money in sending them information,proudly announcing that they threw it straight in the bin. I have no problems with people reading and disagreeing with what they read, especially if they do a little research of their own. It's people who don't want to read and don't want to know who baffle me. The only vaccine against stupidity is learning; dismissal of the cure is the surest symptom of the disease's ascendancy.

Doctor's today, gym this morning,work this afternoon. Looks like a fine day.



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