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Dr Strangepong

On the tube yesterday I met a man with scruffy hair, who winked at me. He had a dog on a leash with him; he said it was a South Pacific Akita.

It looked like an Akita but with very dark and very short fur and amber eyes; a beautiful creature. The man himself was not so beautiful but he spoke very eruditely about being a nutritionist, and only eating organic food. Either the tube carriage smelled of cowdung or his dog and he did,and when he spoke there was a vague,not quite sour but odd smell from his teeth. As he spoke about only drinking unpasteurised milk, and  a herb called Buccha for cats, and the utmost benefits to be had from drinking flaxseed oil, I thought, with a sudden burst of confidence, that surely anyone so in touch with herbs and vitamins and how the body works etc would not be offended if I told him that his breath was a little off. But something stopped me - after all, though he seemed friendly, people do get affronted - so I put up with the curious pong while he expounded upon his theories. The tube lost a lot of aroma when he left, but there was no denying his dog was in great shape.

Now here's a thing - As I logged on to my computer today, I saw momentarilly a pic of some old guy on the MSN News thing, and it looked remarkably like him. Then people turned up at my door so I couldn't check it out. Now I go back and can't find the pic at all. From memory I think his hair was more scraggy than the photo, but the raddled skin and nose looked very familiar. The only face I can find is Bernie Ecclestone's, expression as sour as this guy's breath, but definitely not the same person.



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