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Obama and the braying Brexiters

It's not even that the EU is so great  - clearly change is needed. There are those who, without prejudice, are hugely concerned and sceptical. And then there are those with no argument but a lot of froth gathering at the corners of their mouths. Brexiters have claimed that out of the EU, Britain could make its own bi-lateral agreements with the US. Obama has given his opinion that that's a no-goer, that while something could be worked out, Britain would be at the back of the queue. That's what he said.

Suddenly, it's full on rabies.

How dare he comment/interfere/tell us what to do ,he's lying,  it's all about his Kenyan colonial background (As close as they dare come to saying, 'It am because he is black,' )he doesn't understand that it's not like Nato, he's bullying us, he hates the British, he removed a bust of Churchill from its place in the White House, he's a lame duck president anyway, he's been fed his lines from Number 10, he won't be president much longer so who cares, how dare he how dare he how dare he...

A lot of air hissing out of popped balloons.

The guy didn't tell anyone anything, he gave his opinion. The endless discussion has been on how the States would react, the guy who knows more about it than we do, more about it than most people on the planet do, says what he thinks, someone doesn't like it and suddenly  our special friends are not so special. The discussion circles then spirals off into madness: We are special friends so they will give us an agreement, if they say they wouldn't give us an agreement, they are lying and not our special friends but they would still give us an agreement anyway because they are our special not so special lying bullying friends and we can always trade with China, that well known bastion of  non-lying non-bullying free trade, and anyway it's all about the empire. Jaysus. Shut up.



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