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C'mere wine

Surya my cat had a toothache at the beginning of the week.Now things have changed. C'mere wine.

I've already mentioned the bill and the extra teeth taken out. Then there were the meds she wouldn't take, and the anti-inflammatories she wouldn't take, and the food she wouldn't eat... But that's very like her, and she seemed feisty and well. I went to catch up with a beekeeping friend and other chums. The bee keeper's garden is quite small but delicious with flowers and blossom,, and packed with 4 beehives. The air really was positively humming. She made us all wear those veiled hats best described as Batty Edwardian Chic, and promised me that I could wear the bee suit and go up close with my telescopic lens, but we never got round to it.Just as well really, my attempts without protective wear and with a telescopic lens were miserably out of focus. Fast things bees.  We enjoyed mead and hummus, a gorgeous carrot and ginger concoction, sweet potato falafels and some salad with with fennel and pomegranates... Then I came home to find Surya off her food. Still Russ was back from Gribralter so together we managed to get the medication and anti inflammatories down her neck.

She then appeared to swell to twice her size overnight.

Took her to the vets this morning, long term antibiotic shot ( I had asked them to do this in the first place) more anti-inflammatories... she just grew bigger and bigger  throughout the day,like Violet Beauregarde in Willy Wonka. And she couldn't meow. So I took her back this afternoon. Turns out the vet thinks she has been wounded internally or externally - say, for example, with an injection -  in a way that means when she breathes in, the air is seeping under her skin, balloon like. Or she could have an obstruction in her lungs, like a tumour. A tumour.  My cat had a toothache at the beginning of the week, now they are talking about x-rays and tumours, telling me that it's just a coincidence.

C'mere, wine.

We spent a good twenty minutes extracting this excess air from the poor puffer cat by means of a syringe. There were air pockets all over her.  Now she has blue bandages wrapped around her torso to help her body absorb the air. If she swells up to gigantic levels we take the bandages off. If she has issues breathing we get her to the emergency vets.

C'mere wine.



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