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Pimples and Pyramids

Of the ITV EU debate; DC is much better than he used to be at these things, but he is still, quintessentially, a waxwork.  By contrast,Farage was pleasant and boorish by turns, speaking over the audience, dismissing and condescending where he could. But he uses simple language and he is very at ease with himself and those around him,nor does he focus on dull concepts; he'd rather wave a passport around and talk about bullies than talk about money. All he has to say about the latter is that experts have been wrong before. He is a capable performer. It's only facts that trip him up.

I do worry. 1930s Germany was a land of nationalism and empty pockets. Is GB so far away from that?

The trouble with England  is that it never really got the chance to pop those political pimples. Fascism was popular here until its most famous proponent  looked across the seas at us. Before then, we had a kind of faint flirty thing going on with the concept. Class injustice was either brutally protected https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_George_Square or waved away with diversionary tactics; better for the ruling classes to have workers resent foreigners/women for undercutting wages, than face the possibility of employers beng resented for exploitation . Punching down has long been a social mechanism  used by GB's rulers in lieu of well educated democracy,and we could be paying the price of that preference pretty soon.

For generations  impoverished on every level, the  criteria of belonging and therefore being  'better than' those who don't belong may have a certain pathos, but it is reassuring (it is also a useful tool for any who want said impoverished generations to be factory/cannon fodder).  However the success of the method depends on perception,and things change if such folk suddenly see themselves  at the bottom of the pyramid rather than at the base of the capstone.

That coil doesn't need to be there... but it's important for those just above it to believe in its presence whether it is or not.

War is one way of our population being reassured that they are part of the capstone, with the rabblesome outsiders separated below. Some Brexiters  are almost hoping for a sense of economic siege, little island pitting itself against a hostile uberfoe again, and winning again! And there is no point talking to them about Putin relishing a weakened Europe; it brings a positive sparkle to their eyes as they envision bombs over London, people camping out in the tube tunnels, spies,daring raids, the miracle of Dunkirk!  They think it might be fun, in that way that movie ruin can be fun... Personally I think if ruin comes to Britain, it'll be less Went The Day Well and more Mazes and Monsters.,  Boris in Tom Hanks' part, natch.



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