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So now work comes...

The time has come for me to work again, so I feel more ready to do the other stuff that's pending. It's like all my drivers seem external, movement beyond me makes me active, waiting makes me stop. For a while at least.

I have corrections to make. So now I realise I must go to town tomorrow for some wedding stuff, plus make an appointment at the passport office...stuff. Time ticked by and I got engrossed in little things. Now I have energy to do things, because work has arrived, good work, the stuff of my heart.

Last night I went to see a talk given by Arthur Pendragon https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_Uther_Pendragon I've known Arthur for years as a dedicated activist and party jughead. He was impressive  last night; some people suit age and he's one of them. It was a light, fun, easy talk, and I saw a lot of old friends there.  I was also shown a copy of this


Now Gerald Suster was another old friend of mine. Gerald was an extraordinary man. He was a devotee of Aleister Crowley, and it got him into gyp in the 80s when an undercover reporter from the News of the World stitched him up http://www.media-underground.net/images/devil_teacher.jpg and ended his career as a teacher, though Gerald took him to court and won.  Gerald went on to make money as an author, so it didn't break him, but it hurt him terribly. So when I turned up on his doorstep in  the 90s,with with no more reason for him to trust me than my friendship with Michael B, it would have been entirely understandable for him to slam the door in my face. He never did. We discussed many things and he bore with my ignorance like a gentleman; though we never could agree on the validity of Crowley as a poet. Who rhymes 'soaks' with 'invokes'?

Gerald called me 'Alice.' I think - though I am not certain - that it was something to do with Through the Looking Glass or Wonderland. His quote to me was 'Don't be like my grandfather Alice...'If I try it, I might like it...' But I don't recall much about the Alice stories. Been a long time since I owned copies.

So now Gerald is lauded in this book. He would be delighted, I hope.

It reminds me that I have Mark's stuff to do, as well as the next manuscript, assuming this one is ever in fit state. Work is here and old friends are nearby. That's a nice feeling.



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