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After all

... Still weary and dizzy after yesterday's shenanigans at the hospital.

Feeling a bit nauseous.

I have voted.Oh, but there is so much about this ballot that frustrates me!

People are complaining that it is too much for the average person in the street, that we don't have enough information to make a proper decision, that  Cameron was a fool to jeopardise all we have in order to momentarilly rally the far right behind him. They may be right. I have never heard so many uninformed views.But this is a commentary on the little we teach rather than the right to exercise the vote. Demos without education is a thug, always was. And it has never been of benefit to the ruling classes to educate our mobs; they want plebs weak enough to be exploited and stupid enough to blame the wrong people for their exploitation. But I don't think people like David Cameron and the business elites really believed that the average citizen might be so unaware, so resentful, so ready to cut noses off to spite faces.

While of course there are exceptions, there is a very  noticeable educational gap among my friends; in general, the less educated they are, the more likely they are to vote Leave. It is almost frighteningly predictable.

I have come across sound, well expressed, respectful and respectable reasons to leave but these have been few and far between. Much more common have been lies, platitudes barely understood by those repeating them, and some pretty nasty racism.  One friend of mine was told earlier this week that she should 'Go Home.' She is an EU immigrant who has lived here for years. They made her cry.

I want to punch these people. Or, having removed any innocents, set their houses on fire and wait to see if they quibble over immigrant firemen coming to save their homes, or immigrant ambulance workers taking them to hospitals, or immigrant nurses applying canulas and wiping their arses. What, no objections, no flag waving?

Didn't think so.

Tick tock, here comes the time to see the soul of the people.



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