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We Happy Few

I will not speak of the political mess yet because it is not the important thing.

Here is what matters: http://www.lbc.co.uk/im-so-scared-now-german-woman-hit-by-xenophobia-calls-james-in-tears-132971

I cannot contain my rage at this. At those who stirred up this evil for nothing. And it is evil, pure and simple. I should be crying, I feel it somewhere in my chest and eyes, but I can't.

A year ago tomorrow my friend died.

He died during a magnificent conjunction of majestic planets, Venus and Jupiter conjoining in Leo. Why am I thinking of him? I don't know. I have tried to focus on the wonderful weekend I have just had, but all I can hear is the terror in her voice, the betrayal, thinking these people, her neighbours, were her friends.

And I want to reach out and know Mark is somewhere, I don't know why.  Now I am crying. Good. Maybe it will move me away from this anger. It is a proper reaction to all this hate, all this terrible shit that is happening up and down the country. Not that it's kristalnacht or anything, just endless petty racism being reported over the past few days.



And now I am angry with them all, with Cameron for doing a deal with the devil on his right hand, and prodding the small shitty beast of British nationalism, for Corbyn for not making his mark on the North East, with Johnson endlessly shifting from lie to lie, with Farage for just being a half developed baboon.

And with the people. Because this was a choice. I know that many Brexiters are not racists, but there were posters enough all over social media to indicate the background of the bastard Leave campaign. Its focus was stupid but clear. Maybe people didn't realise the risk. That is the problem with racial prejudice.If you haven't experienced it, it can seem like a far away crazinessso irrational  it can't really affect anything

Oh Mark. Not for the world would I have you go through all that pain again. But I will note that life was nobler then than now, as the sewers of the national psyche overflow into our lives.

That's the problem with evil. It isn't some great eyeball up a tower or a bond villain under a volcano. It is petty; the small town mind, the next door neighbour, the guy who gets on the bus, kids on the street.

Thinking of that poor woman.

Remembering that there is also goodness and the readiness to stand against this stuff.  : https://www.facebook.com/debbie.gallagher.7923

And remembering an honourable friend.



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