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Even Cornwall

After the referendum there's a lot of talk about  Brexit happening/not happening and the referendum itself not being legally binding. Well, of course it isn't. It was advisory. But it's a dangerous precedent, to ignore the choice of the people,and it would be a mistake to hold another referendum. We can't keep holding them til we get the result we like!

Ignoring or over-riding the result might be the right thing to do given the way the Leave Campaign appear to have misled the public,but people still chose not to educate themselves.It was an extraordinary phenomenon, watching supposedly  rational beings  refuse to read any Remain argument, leaflets proudly dumped in bins, sneering mistrust of 'experts,' deliberate ignorance touted as  virtue.  They made their minds up as to what they wanted to believe, despite all the warnings. Cornwall is a case in point; standing to lose masses of financial input from the EU the county still voted out, and is now trying to insist that post-Brexit the government will make up the shortfall of around  £500 million. They appear to have trusted promises made by the Leave campaign. Bad move. But even if the Leave campaign had been a model of probity, what kind of fool throws away money without surety of its replacement?  A very poor fool I'm guessing.

And there is a part of me that thinks, 'OK, if that's what you want.' I am not sure the button shouldn't be pressed asap, and the electorate learn fast why one can't treat a vote of such magnitude like the toss of a coin, why one can't get one's politics from mates down the pub, Murdoch's front pages and singing 'Two world wars and one world cup, doo dah.' I say can't. Of course one can.But it's expensive.  Nonetheless, there's no better lesson in responsibility than to give people what they want, especially if they are obdurate about it. And of course,it might not be a disaster. If Brexit turns out to create a Singapore-alike-megamoney state,OK all's good. The moral standpoint surely is to  protect those who have no choice in the situation, and to insulate the vulnerable as best one can from any impending brainwreck.

And if it goes as wrong as expected? Well, at least everybody learns.Even Cornwall may learn.



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