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So, having promised the far right a referendum  in order to get their support last election, Cameron resigns in the realisation that if he was stupid enough to make a deal with these devils, he had no cause to expect the electorate to be any wiser. It takes a special class of idiocy to make carnal knowledge of a pig the second most regrettable decision of one's political career. Meanwhile we've had Johnson decline the work he invited us all to share in, Farage wander off to enjoy the European salary he never earned, and Gove, who is as excitable and downright silly a man as ever stumbled into the Houses of Parliament, set his cap at a job for which he is self-admittedly unsuitable http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/jun/30/michael-gove-denial-categorial-not-equipped-to-be-pm-candidate. But no-one, it seems, is capable of refusing something that is too good for them. Ken Clarke and Malcolm Rifkind have been marvellously direct and rather funny about the current candidates: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipW1D2EyDbA But then, I have noticed a remarkable change in Tory politicians the older they get... they seem to turn into very rumbunctious characters,some of whom develop hitherto unsuspected charisma, like Major, or just glow with  supernatural ire and presence. I honesty thought Heseltine was going to eat somebody the other day, when he was detailing his thoughts on the turntail Boris Johnson; http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-36677623

They know this recent crop are either efficient but unpleasant  - like the 'Bloody difficult' Theresa May - or actively incompetent, like Gove himself.As for Andrea Leadsom, looks like this lady was utterly sure that leaving the EU would be disastrous a while back, and changed her mind on being offered a role as chancellor by Boris Johnson, who 'forgot'  that Gove was meant to get that job http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-366932 Plus, she has the backing of the repulsive Arron Banks http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/anti-eu-leave-campaign-chief-arron-banks-nhs-privatised-a7022306.html and she  refuses to rule out giving Farage a place in her Brexit negotiation team... just in case anyone is wondering why he suffers from constant ricocheting retirement.

And should anyone be wondering why my focus is on the right, it's because the left is full of invisible people. What was the point of such a half hearted contribution to the debate? My guess is that Corbyn is a Eurosceptic anyway and thought it best to let the Tories fight it out amongst themselves. If so, best to say nothing rather than give late and seemingly half-hearted support - and then, where was his party's understanding of the mood of the North -East? Of the poor and disenfranchised? Just where were they?

 Still, at least there's some amusement to be gained from all this and if people weren't unhappy and scared at the performance in ring three,  I'd be laughing too.https://www.facebook.com/veryBrexitproblems/?fref=nf



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