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The Friendly Society

When we had got over wedding talk and tragic chihuahuas,we popped into the Friendly Society for a drink, It was interesting enough:

Friend is the son of a card-carrying full on old skool pinko who voted out. She had explained her reasons to me earlier... Basically it came down to a) fighting capitalism by splitting it into chunks rather than trying to deal with one vast oligarchal empire and b) letting capitalism eat itself to the extent that it would be totally discredited in the eyes of its victims who would finally be able to commit emotionally and whole-heartedly to a more communal approach to global society.

Which sounds great, but we are back at eggs and omelettes. The problem with destroying the evil empire is that no empire is ever completely evil. Someone somewhere is looking after their family, building a home, running a  hospital, putting out a fire,  and when the empire falls those things fall too. Of course such things can be replaced, but the interim is seldom pleasant; added to which, the ones bound to escape are inevitably those who did well through the old order. So come the revolution, they are rich enough to be safe and safe enough to re-establish the methods that made them rich.  Gotterdammerung never takes all the gods.

He agreed, but bless her commie soul she wasn't having any of his persuasion. So there it is.

How the Left can be biting its own arse at this major low in Conservative popularity beats me. I am not sure Jezzah's views aren't as Marx-meets-the-Apocalypse  as friend's mum, but the party is truly hapless if it can't make hay now. And as for the hollow-eyed women now preparing to Out-Thatcher Thatcher, I am indeed a feminist and it delights me to see the world turn our way...To get women to a place of power and self determination is the struggle, but the battle for equality is only ever won when the job goes to the best person for it, irrespective of their gender.  I don't want  a world where my genitals are seen as an extra qualification or disqualification. I want a world where they're just genitals.



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