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Brighter Days

It seems Mum is aware that my wedding is next weekend, as has made noises at my aunts about whether there is a possibility of it being skyped.Turns out it looks likely, so fingers crossed! Even if something happens and it can't be done, a chum will be videoing bits and pieces so we can upload it at some point. I am delighted she and my other relatives, especially the termagent, will be able to see it, even if it means I can look forward to a whole bunch of comments like, 'Well, you would have thought she could lose a bit more weight before she... Why is she wearing a table on her head?...She would have looked better in the pink...' What is important is that Mum is involved and aware. And if it can be done, I may regret it in time to come, but I won't regret it on the day.

Another dream last night.

I was living in a room in a house, and realised I was leaving it. The room was dark and dusty, and I had known for a long time it was haunted by a malign presence, a girl. There was some kind of doll, but also, a much bigger version of the girl made up of the pipes/brickwork/door so it looked as though she dominated the room, coming in through the walls. I shaved the head of the doll to show her that she had no power in the situation, but I didn't throw her hair away; my act wasn't about dissing her but about gently setting her straight as to who had power in the situation.  so I put her hair on the side where she could pick it up and stuff it in a pillow or burn it respectfully, or do whatever she needed to do to recover herself. I checked the backdoor which led out into a dark place; the locks were old fashioned, covered in rust...and in any case, the door had been on the latch the whole time.Anyone could have got in.  I left for good through the front,  to find myself  being flirted at by Richard Hammond. He was a bit full on actually. We went for dinner.



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