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'Remember to come back'

Don't wanna.

My brother warned me that Africa has this reputation for getting into one's heart. He was right. If it wasn't for the kitties and my shiny new husband, I might have made it to Jo'burg but no further before buying a ticket right  back to Maun's crunkety little airfield.

Why am I writing this at all? I can't catalogue all the memories, there are too many, and regarding the Bush itself, I don't have the skill to convey its beauty.  So I will try to write the small things that will be lost to time, when images of the most sublime remain.

First thing I must never forget is that should I ever again go on Safari, it is important to check that we're travelling in an open sided vehicle. One of the most magical things was the real proximity of the animals, something that I think would be lost with windows. I don't want to ever travel in a glass cage.  Better to have a boneshaker, with all the dust and dodgy roads, and to be so close, to feel real presence.
View without zoom from my seat on the landcruiser.  This gentleman alarmed our guide somewhat because he seemed to be demonstrating, not exactly a willingness to overturn the vehicle, but no reluctance either.

Second thing I must always remember is that,given this first, sunglasses are very necessary, just to keep grit and dust out of ones eyes, but buy a spare pair. If the hinges snap, elastoplast can only go so far:

Third thing is that little bottles of hand sanitiser gel are really useful, and hygiene is no less effective for being simple.

4th point: Jacket/fleece in the early morning/late at night; No clouds mean temperature plummets when the sun isn't up. 5th point: at last a use for light scarves - when hats are too hot, scarves keep ears dust free. There are also those surgeon-style masks to keep dust from going down your throat, but these mark the descent from imitating Grace Kelly to looking like a post-apocalyptic loon. 6th point; More camera batteries. No,more than that. Plus spare memory card.

Last point: Botswana beyond words, Africa incomparable.

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