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I am beginning to suspect that there are portals to the Kingdom of the Dead everywhere; the catacombs under Paris are reached under a doorway inscribed with 'Arrete, c'est ici l'empire de la mort.' Perhaps if you wander the winding paths between bones and skulls eventually you will find a way out that opens out somewhere light and green, and you will go through it only to find yourself right back here.

The badger cull is extended despite scientific proof that the TB threat comes from farming practices rather than badgers. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/aug/05/bovine-tb-not-passed-on-through-direct-contact-with-badgers-research-shows But obviously we are in a land where people are sick of experts. Let's hope the NFU doesn't decide that sacrificing children prevents bovine TB, or our child care homes will suddenly empty while we are all farting happily over Olympic golds.  Changing farming practices will cost farmers money, the badger cull costs us money, so they are all about the latter. Killing raptors, poisoning hedgehogs, removing habitats, killing bees,killing foxes, killing badgers...the idea seems to be the creation of a dead uberfarmland which is filled with wall to wall meat/milk bags, prefereably fed via a tube from mouth to arse and never moving until they make profit. The farming industry is now wetting itself over having voted Leave without any guarantee of getting subsidies equal to those given by the EU, and this brainless cull may be a sop.

The way we live is deeply strange; we go into a supermarket to be greeted by walls of dead chickens and pigs, wall upon wall of flesh.We buy it,take it home, cook it and stare at moving pictures. It's not real.

In Botswana, our guides took us to the Tsodillo hills, where it is said the soul of every beast that ever died passes/resides/something like that.  San and  Bantu peoples camped there, and left cave drawings from 2000 to 4000 years old,some much earlier - Man has been coming to these hills for over 100,000 years they say. Some depicted locals:

Including characters worth avoiding:


Others seemed to show scenes of a far away place:

The above depicts two whales, one of which is breaching, and what appears to be a standing bird. Botswana is landlocked. The nearest whales and penguins would be found some 600 to over 800kms away on the Namibian coast, down towards South African waters. Our guide told us that the tribes would follow the herds, make the trek to the sea and eventually return, a round trip that could take up to 10 years.

The place is swathed in legends, of First Male and First Female, of the Great Spirit who, having created all things, knelt and prayed (to whom?) here the bushmen worshipped the Great Python. I could have stayed much longer,but that could be said of all Botswana. I look at these paintings from peoples who followed their food, revering the act of hunting, and it occurs to me that we are the anomalies, the occupants of  Lovecraft's Dreamlands .Maybe somewhere a long ago San hunter will wake with a ringing headache on the Tsodilo hills thinking: Who the hell were they?




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