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Of course he won.

He has the mandate,if he can't win, let's see him not win.
Why can't he win? Because the right wing press owned by billionaires, collaborators and tax evaders screech it at us every day?

Labour showed a complete disassociation from its roots when it failed to understand the heartland of its voters in the referendum, when it turned away from socialism to try to recapture Blair's middle ground. Can't be done right now.  Many voters are caught between plutocracy and nationalism and Labour hopes to take over charitable conservatism. This is nowhere to be found, and in chasing after the love of the middle class, Labour lost its folk to the skinhead right.

There is room for socialism in this country. Socialism is what actually made the country great, however, I am not entirely enamoured with Jezzah for 3 reasons:

1) I have not yet seen him lead the party. He is more iconic than pragmatic. Maybe that is a good thing, maybe a politician just for once not edging to the dark side for victory's sake is what we need. But still, he should have been able to gather able and loyal advisers around himself, and at a time when the Tories are fighting their own corpulent bloody-toothed shadows, he should have been shining light on the whole thing.  Has he done that?

2) Getting rid of Trident etc. If a state cannot defend itself,is it a state? And if the answer is yes, then for how long?

3) He lied ever so slightly didn't he? Just an almost... He was totally up for Leaving the EU like the merry old demi-marxist he is,though he reluctantly said otherwise.  Now, though I am a Remainer, holding this view doesn't put me off him. But fibbing about it? I don't quite like that.  OK, allying with Cameron was an obvious charnel chalice. But if he had stood up and campaigned in the North stating his reasons for wanting to leave, defusing racism and standing by immigrants so that the Leave Campaign didn't become the stomping ground of the most vile, he could have protected many and won hearts. I am not sure I share his vision, but this was certainly the time to demonstrate what that vision was. Of course, hindsight is 20/20.Instead, he left the referendum to become a sword tearing the tories to pieces while he stood back,and I still don't know if that was wise. But Labour didn't do its job of standing up for the vulnerable.  On the other hand, maybe the country needs to glut itself on right wing excesses before it remembers why we needed a welfare state in the first place; that realisation might bring him to power.

So I don't know. I don't know if he is efficient, I don't know if he is adept, I don't know if he can do this job.

I do know the party want him, I do know that party membership has grown, and that  if there is a middle ground to be won, Owen Smith is not the man to win it.  Come on Jezzah, if you have the talent, move. Show us what you can do.



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