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Dreams, Lions, Dad

Well that was interesting. I dreamed that I walked out onto a level landscape, though there were trees dotted here and there. There was a kind of low but spreading greenery with slightly bobbly leaves everywhere, and here and there I noticed scat, so I knew something lived here. I walked, to find myself suddenly on what I can only describe as a mini-cliff. and nearly bumped straight into a sleeping lion.  He was very skinny and surprised, his cubs less so; they leapt up to examine the stranger, and I had wit enough to turn and run, not from the cubs, who were adorable, but from their elders who might be interested too. Sure enough, other members of the pride had woken, young not-quite-cubs, slightly smaller than adults but having no mane as yet. I leapt and ran to the sounds of other humans making surprised noises, while the young lions ran around absolutely certain there was something to chase here somewhere. There were no screams; those other humans were safe enough, as was I, once basically out of the den. There was no fear in my dream, only happiness - theirs and mine -  and a basic idea of survival. It was a fun dream.

We got a contact the other day from one of our safari group members which is why I reckon I dreamed of lions.How happy they were in Chobe, in Savuti, in Moremi! How much better life is with lions in it!  Endearing memories, a cub chasing birds across the landscape, his mother close by. Vultures staring down at said cub balefully, with a real look of  'If your mother wasn't such a big shot around here...'
But the little cub could laugh, knowing she was a big shot, so the vultures could dream and wait. All the world can wait. There's death everywhere and life everywhere too. It's very beautiful.

The close up of the cub on the kill is larians photo, the other two are among my many attempts at capturing their casual magnificence.

My father died just over a year ago, on the 2nd. I think they told me on the 4th, so this,to me feels like the anniversary. Must reset my understanding.

Pythagoras had this theory about the reincarnation of souls. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metempsychosis I kind of like it...Dad might not have been the most perfect human being, but he'd be a magnificent lion in the wilds of Africa.  There now, that's a fine story.



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