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A Smart Man

But possibly not as smart as Mr Putin/Mr Surkov*/Whoever. This morning the Times and the Beeb are reporting on a CIA secret assessment claiming that Russia  intervened covertly in the American election, boosting Mr Trump to victory ( http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-38273933?SThisFB) Understandably the US Press have exploded all over it; USA Today goes one further than the Washington Post and presents us with a picture of Putin that makes him look like some supervillain in waiting, smile faintly mocking, eyes - are they sly? - and ruddy great shadows looming behind him.http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/onpolitics/2016/12/09/washington-post-cia-report-russia-intervened-election/95230696/

Natch the Donald is having none of it. According to the Washington Post, he said the hacking 'Could be Russia. Could be China. And it could be some guy in his home in New Jersey.' News flash from the post factual age: It can't be about Russia or New Jersey because Donald wants it to be about China. Stop confusing the President Elect!

I've never been weird about Russia or the States; stepping off the plane they both gave me a similar sense, like a booming sound in my soul, a welcome. I have friends who boycott one or the other; that's not my interest, I come from the land of the first big bad guys, I'm not judging villains by passport. But it remains one of my regrets that I couldn't stay in Moscow. When I landed there, they said the tanks were headed down the street, and that changing dollars into rubels was like burning money. So instead, I went onto Nepal, which was great - but yes, I missed an opportunity and I regret it. Still, always tomorrow.

There have also been murmurs of Russian influence on the Brexit Referendum, indeed, on elections and referendums across Europe. We won't be hearing much about this possibility, because the far right likes the result as much as the far left. Personally, I am inclined to the Kind Hearts and Coronets theory; when a freak occurence happens, it may indeed just be a coincidence. But when they keep happening to the benefit of one specific group/individual, it is time to keep a closer eye on dear Louis.

I say this. We won't, of course. The EU splintering would justify all those apologists who want Brexit to be, less a commentary on the state of GB. and more a response to something inevitable that we just had the foresight to duck away from, congratulating ourselves on another self-fulfilling prophecy.  If the EU collapses,we won't be among those terrified of Russia encroaching on their borders, we'll just do what the US says and wee ourselves if the president tells us to join him in expressing a problem with China. Taking back control, they call it. I doubt if Putin will be calling any man on these island, 'smart.' No, nor woman neither.

*Likes Jackson Pollock,apparently, so doubtless bringing the apocalypse with him.



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