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Things of Good Cheer

Just got back from our neighbour, who is delighted and proud to show us her Xmas present to herself; she has had her garage converted into a hot tub cabin. It looks fab! She has given us the second pannetone we have received this season,so when we're lost in the wilds near Salisbury and the storm threatens to blow all the yard chickens over the Arctic,at least we can rest easy in our vast stocks of Italian sweet bread.

Today is Dad's birthday. Waking dream this morning,tried to see his face, and caught a brief very clear glimpse of him, close to the Church by the  Crammer pond in Devizes. I can still see him if I try. He seemed solemn, and I kept seeing the number 45 or 4/5. That number doesn't mean anything. I have become that thing that most irritates me,a person who mourns someone they had little time for when alive. But it's right that I dream in  mourning  of a dream and I was pleased to see his face, so what the heck. Escher rules!

As an exercise I wrote a couple of pieces for a friend's interesting idea for a  Live Action Role Play Secret Santa, creating characters that people might like to play.  My writing has been so slow and ponderous,I wanted to see if I could just belt things out in a couple of days. Turns out I can,though I tend to obsess about it. It feels good, a nice little achievement.

Cheerful stuff;  San Francisco telling Trump to get lost:http://sfbaytimes.com/san-franciscos-official-response-to-the-election-of-trump/ I am still baffled by the Trump phenomenon,but after Brexit, I just think we confirmed the many worlds theory and split off into DC's Bizarro World:

The Times is full of how Mallory's temper tantrums about leaks  is just making everything worse. Some business source referred to it as being like a 'Stalinist state,' where no-one dares disagree with her for fear of losing government tenders. I am quite amused at how her declaration to dismiss those who leak memos was leaked. Someone still has a sense of humour down Whitehall way... There's been very little satire around this year. Politics parodies itself.

There will be pannetone and hot tubs and comics and memories, things that make us cheer, things that make us roll our eyes and laugh; the holiday is here! Time for a beer!



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